We care! Here are what some of our customers say about us...

"I love to watch Donna's tutorials, especially when she does her mums make-up. She always shows and tells how to put make-up on in a simplified way".

"Found Donna May on Instagram absolutely love the videos especially with her mum. They are funny and informative. I’ve bought lots of the products and haven’t been disappointed. Thank you so much you have really made putting on make up fun again!!!!"

"Good quality products recommended and honesty love the beauty packages which give you a chance to try new products which I probably would never have tried".

"Donna is very likable, she is real, she cares. She has given me guidance on beauty products and how to apply them".

"Always great products and beautiful received , packaged with love and care."

"Donna always recommends beauty products from all price ranges, tells us why to use or not to use. Love her lives and reels shes very real I love that".

"The honesty, the kindness, the support.. Also so much is bought online these days, its hard to know what it's like so the advice on fb/ insta is great... Most importantly, Donna is a girl next door kinda gal, giving real advice and love tutorials! My cuppa!"

"The total honesty is so refreshing, the products, the tutorials, the recommendations, the Facebook group - there’s nothing I don’t like! Donna’s down to earth approach is incredibly appealing, I trust her."

"The products, her depth and scope of knowledge. The actual person behind the product that doesn’t keep her knowledge as her own power but will share that knowledge to empower other individuals. Her ‘best friend’ approach which makes her feel real and accessible, her honesty and inclusiveness to others into her precious ‘down time’ knowing that it is reaching us all at any given time.The ability to say ‘you are ok, you can choose, you can be you’ without actually saying a word!"

"I have loved all the Quality and Functional item's bought from the Donna May London Own Brand. I have been introduced to brands that I hadn't previously known about only watched Donna use them in a tutorial and I've purchased them and been delighted with the quality and difference to my skin care and make up routine. The Kits contain useable Colours and Valuable items that I now class as my Staple items.I'm new to IG and Donna may London was the First Video I watched and followed, I fell in love with the Lay flat make up bag, I have found uses for my growing collection, they are all Beautifully made and for a Tidy Freak like myself, even the remote controls are resting in a lay flat make up bag part of my home furnishings! Donna comes across, as down to earth, family orientated, funny and a great business lady. A well established Genius Make up Artist, I wish her and her team the very best of luck for the future with a business that is flying!! 👏"

"I discovered Donna during the pandemic. It comes from the heart with Donna and she cares greatly in what she does. I have learnt different techniques in applying make up. I have embraced different products as tended to stick to the same. Love the tutorials on make up and hair. I have purchased a few products also which I love. Donna also takes time to reply if you have made a comment and is brave enough to show an insight into her private life".

"I love their customer service, the fact that everything matches, I love the packaging and the way everything comes in a little pouch. Also love the rewards system".

"Love that Donna understands the ageing ladies issues and what we need".

"Lovely down to earth tutorials by Donna and mum/friends - joy to watch. Recommending products that would I probably never have discovered. And affordable prices. Thank you. Love Donna May."