10 Minutes with...Ruby Hammer, MBE

We were absolutely THRILLED that the wonderful Makeup Artist, Ruby Hammer, agreed to be our first person interviewed for our brand new series, 10 minutes with..


Ruby Hammer was always an icon of mine, infact she may well have been one of the many reasons I became a makeup artist.
Do you remember the TV show called ‘The Clothes Show’?  Ruby was a regular makeup artist on there and it was that show that made me fall in love with fashion and makeup and led me to train at The London College Of Fashion.


Well this week Ruby and I sat together and had a lovely chat about all things makeup and business.  If I could have told my younger self that Ruby owned one of my Ruby Red Makeup Bags, and that I’d be nattering away to her over a cup of hot water, I’d have never believed it!



1. You are a very well know name within the Makeup Industry - what do you think is your biggest achievement to date?

Other than still being a jobbing artist after almost 30 years I would say the pinnacle was getting an MBE in 2007 for services to the Cosmetics Industry.


2. In a world before Instagram, how did you manage to get your brand and face recognised?
It was easier... as a makeup artist your credits and tips would be featured in print. Then when I had a brand it was the PRs duty to get my face out there alongside the brand to drive credibility. I also worked on TV as a makeup artist so people would recognise me from there.


3. Which is the most exciting job you have ever worked on?
This is a really hard question... it will probably be 10 years younger when it was a pilot. I got a call from Nicky Clarke to ask if Channel 4 had called... we spoke about it and both agreed to give it a go. We went along and were given 10 days to enhance a woman. We did our bit and had a laugh, no pressure and it was taken on. The other highlight would have been signing the deal for Ruby & Millie... we went back and forth, back and forth and the day it was given the budget was huge for us. When we signed that deal we knew we needed to commit and give it our all as well as Boots.


4. If you could invite 3 people to dinner who would it be and why?
1. From a spiritual side I'd love to meet the Dalai Lama in person, i'd love just to be in his presence.
2. Someone who makes me laugh... John Bishop
3. Selfishly I'd also love my mum to come back


5. What is the oldest item in your makeup bag? And you’re newest?
The oldest will be one of my old Ruby & Millie brushes, I loved my travel lip brush. My newest is Fenty Gloss Bomb in Hot Chocolit.


6. Which product within your makeup bag could you not live without?
I'm supposed to say my Magnetic Brush Set but in reality it would be my lip balm. I've currently got 3 in my bag Kiehls, Coola and Embryolisse.


7. Do you carry anything that is not makeup related within your makeup bag?
Money, keys, an evil eye protection charm, stamps, eye drops... a magnifying glass (for when I can't read inci's / labels).


8. Is there one persons makeup bag you would love to have a look through?
I'd like to look through everybody's... i find it fascinating just what people use and keep on them.


9. Who’s hair do you wish you had?
Anybodies but mine now... it's thinning out and I can really see it. I would love a lot of hair enough for a thick pony tail.


10. Which goes first…concealer or foundation?
Always foundation for me, it could be a thin wash of it everywhere first as a base and then the concealer just where you need extra help.


11. What is your favourite lip colour - brand and name?
Trish McEvoy Sheer Lip Colour in Mulberry. When I was younger I would use deeper more browny shades but I love the slightly more plum shades now.


12. Has the name Ruby influenced the direction of your business?
Absolutely in every way!! My signature colour is Ruby Red.


13. Is there one piece of advice you could offer to a start up business.
I always joke... don't!!
You really have to be honest with yourself, why are you doing this... this will bring you enormous rewards but it really takes every founder to the black hole. You need to know why you are doing this as if you don't have the passion you won't do it.

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