10 minutes with Martine McCutcheon


You are well known face on our television screens and voice on our radios - what is your biggest achievement to date?
Career wise, I think my biggest achievement was reaching number 1 in the charts for two weeks with my single Perfect Moment, I was blown away when I knew I would be working with Richard Curtis and Hugh Grant on Love Actually and winning the Laurence Olivier award for My Fair Lady was a dream come true.



Who is the one person that you would love to work with that you haven't yet had the opportunity to do so?
Michael Caine. He’s my favourite ever British actor! I’ve been in love with him since I was a child and when i saw him and a party recently, I couldn’t talk… That's unusual for me! I have an original portrait of him in my house and so I kind of see him everyday! 


Who is the most inspirational person you have ever met? Famous or not..
Elizabeth Taylor. kind and a real rare star.


You have been in the public eye for such a long time - do you think life in the media was easier before Social Media?
Yes and No. The peer pressure is greater but you also get to set the record straight and tell your story your way now.


If you could invite 3 people over to dinner (lockdown being done and dusted) who would it be and why?
Barbara Streisand as she is my hero. multi talented, clever, beautiful and funny. she is one of the last legends.
Stevie Nicks - What a life and what a talent! i would ask her all about Lindsey Buckingham as I saw them both in concert in Madison Square Gardens and the chemistry was unreal… I sobbed as I felt like they were soul mates that hadn’t managed to make it work in this lifetime! I play a Stevie Nicks song most days and she is a true firecracker!
My Mum as I miss her like crazy and she always makes me laugh! plus she makes my house sparkle , you really can eat your dinner off my floor when she’s been here! 



Let's talk makeup - What is the oldest item in your makeup bag? And you’re newest?
My oldest item is a flawless finish foundation compact by Elizabeth Arden - I try new ones I love but always go back to this when I'm doing my own make up for TV as it has great coverage and is moisturising. My newest is the iconic  highlighter it arrived today so I can’t wait to see what its like.


Which product within your makeup bag could you not live without?
My Chanel LES BEIGES ( in shade medium) tinted moisturiser - if I put nothing else on it makes my skin look more even and flawless. I also swear by MUAs shimmer highlight powder in Radiant Cashmere… I brush it over the tops of my cheeks, eyes and nose and it makes you look so glowy and youthful! 


Do you carry anything that is not makeup related within your makeup bag? I am hoping for something really obscure :-)
A small pot of astral cream, cleansing wipes for any mistakes I make, inscence  and a couple of small crystals… I love to have my crystals around me when I set up my make up… I think looking good is a state of mind as well as the products you put on your skin and seeing them instantly calms me and makes me feel good…it sets me up right if that makes sense! 


Fashion : Who’s look/style do you really admire?
Lara Bingle, Zoe Kravitz  Andrea Corr, Audrey Hepburn



What is your biggest fashion disaster to date...was it documented in the press? If yes, can we see???
Too many to mention! I grew up in the press and so no doubt they are all there to see! But in all honesty, I'm glad i had fun and tried things as fashion is meant to be fun! plus the mistakes help you realise what works for you personally and what doesn’t.


Is there one piece of advice you have been given over the years that has really stuck with you and if yes, can you pass this on to us?
Follow your gut instinct. Even if it doesn’t look perfect on paper. I once saw an amazing healer and she told me to sit quietly with my thoughts and ask myself the questions I needed answers to… If my the feeling in my gut lifted it was the right thing to do and if it dropped it wasn’t… I’ve never looked back since then and if I'm not sure what I want, I don’t rush my decision till i feel what’s right.


How are you finding Lockdown? What are the best and worst parts for you?
I’m actually loving it. I’m the kind of person who can feel like I'm failing a bit if I'm not doing everything all the time but I’ve learned since lockdown that I have to forget about everyone else and how busy and productive they look!  I'm far happier doing my own thing, my own way and at my own slower pace. I don’t miss the everyday pressures of the school runs and juggling work and domestic stuff at all! I really enjoy the peace! I do really miss seeing my friends and family tho… But I think despite the sadness and uncertainty, many people will change and for the better. they will be kinder and more understanding, less spoilt and will realise what really matters to them.
We love you Martine and cannot wait to see you on our screens again soon xx


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