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Precision Eyebrow Razor Blade - For Defined Brows


Create Flawless, defined eyebrows in a flash with the Donna May London Precision Eyebrow Razor Blade. It is Lightweight and easy to use with a grooved stainless steel safety blade.

No need for you to experience any more painful threading or waxing! Our Precision Eyebrow Razor blade will enable pain free hair removal, precision shaping and styling. Also use to gently removing 'peach fuzz'  on your face enabling makeup to lie evenly for a more flawless appearance. 

Don't be daunted by how to use the brow blade properly as Donna demonstrates how to use the Donna May London eyebrow razor in a series of tutorials. You can find these in our hints and tips section of the website and on our YouTube channel.

Follow our directions for use:  

  • Always use on clean, dry skin with the eyebrow razor blade at approximately a 45 degree angle.
  • Glide the brow tool across the skin using light feathery strokes without using too much pressure.  
  • Wipe the brow blade clean after each use.

In addition to this, try to keep your eyebrow razor clean in your makeup bag by keeping it in our specially designed case. Therefore you will always have it on hand for quick touch ups.


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