Our Brand Ethics

At Donna May London, we are passionate about creating beautiful accessories while also prioritizing the health of our planet. We believe in taking responsibility for our environmental impact and are committed to continuously learning and making decisions that benefit our wonderful planet.

We are constantly searching for sustainable methods to transport, and package our products. Our ultimate goal, which we continue to strive for, is to ensure that you are just as pleased with our eco-conscious practices and business operations as you are with our products.

Keep reading to learn about our current initiatives and the areas where we are striving to improve even more.


At Donna May London, we are committed to minimizing our plastic packaging. Most of our products are now packaged in biodegradable pouches that are free from plastic. Additionally, we are transitioning to using FSC certified paper packaging whenever we can that can be fully recycled.

We also take pride in creating multi-use packaging that can be reused. We encourage you to use our versatile pouches and boxes to keep your drawers organized instead of just throwing them away.

Occasionally, we may need to use a small amount of bubble wrap and tape to protect fragile items during shipping. However, please note that this bubble wrap is recyclable.


All of our products are designed in the UK and then manufactured in China, Italy, India, Turkey as well as within the UK itself.

When transporting our finished products back to the UK, We use sea freight wherever possible rather than air freight, reducing our carbon footprint as much as we can.  

UK Operations

At Donna May London, there's no big fancy headquarters. Instead, our small team works from the comfort of their own homes. This not only saves on travel pollution, but also reduces the environmental footprint of running an office.

Be Kind

At Donna May London, we believe in treating others the way we want to be treated ourselves. This philosophy extends to everyone we interact with, including our suppliers, incredible employees, and of course, our valued customers. We strive to create an environment that is fair, honest, and enjoyable for all!

When it comes to our production process, we have established strong and trustworthy relationships with our factories, some of which span over 7 years. We took time and lots of research to carefully select factories that share our strong values and conduct, treating their staff with fairness, respect and offer fair wages.

Our fabulous and close knit team in the UK all have the flexibility to balance their work and personal lives. As working parents with 10 children between us, we understand the importance of having a flexible schedule and we actively support and encourage this approach.