Blank Page...!

I’m not going to say know what I mean....those 3 words everyone has been uttering since Jan 1st! BUT I do want to say this...
‘You have a blank page ahead of you....with 353 days in-front of you...make it a good one”!!
My family and I had a lovely Christmas, choosing to keep it super low key. To my Son’s dismay we didn’t do any entertaining at all! (“What do you mean we aren’t having a NYE party? What do you mean its just us on Christmas Day”!!!) Sorry kids but last year I can remember going back to work after New Year feeling exhausted...but not this year!
I slept loads, watched lots of TV, ate, drunk and hung with my boys....I seriously must have needed it, I was sleeping until 10am most days!!!!    
So...13 days into Jan I can look back and see that I needed to recuperate from such a busy 2019.  Weirdly I have entered 2020 in a really calm and peaceful mood (very unlike me!) Please, please, please may it continue.
We have had such amazing reviews and feedback on our Instagram and Facebook page from customers who bought, and who also received, our products as Christmas gifts this year.
Thank-you so much for taking the time to not only purchase our products, but for sending us nice messages, it truly means a lot to us.
We know how important customer reviews are, we all read them don’t we? And every business today needs them.

On that cheeky note can I please ask a HUGE favour? Would you mind taking a few more minutes and adding your reviews for us on our website? (simply find your product on the site and click on the 'write a review' link under the product description - as the image below shows).

We have so many lovely surprises up our sleeve for this year and will be working with some amazing women who I cant wait to Introduce you to!
We have some gorgeous new Signature Makeup bag Prints for you as well as two new Vegan makeup bag colours coming in.  Think Sparkle!
The Makeup Face off Cloth sold out at such a speedy rate that we have decided to introduce another version of this, along with the original. They are on their way, so you wont have to wait much longer - preorder yours now online.
Our gorgeous Blush Vegan makeup bag and the Signature Pink Leopard Print Bag were also our best sellers this Christmas. - what girl doesn’t like pink eh? We have more of these due into stock any day now.
We are also mega excited and a little nervous about introducing a whole new type of product this year that we sourced when we visited the China Beauty Exhibition in November. The new product incidentally isn’t even made in China, it's from Turkey! 
Ummm...I can see you are all trying to guess what it is....We hope to have it before Mother’s Day as it will be a beautiful gift for your gorgeous mum. I’m absolutely taken with them and haven’t stopped using them since we got the samples! wink wink!!
Finally, we are working on some new sustainable packaging for 2020.  As a small independent company, we have to take things a bit slower than we would like to, unfortunately we haven’t got the woman power or the endless funds to do everything immediately...( but give us time, we are working on it!) 
There are 4 of us in our team, all with very different roles and we have to prioritise (my main downfall I'm afraid is that I want to do everything NOW!) so one step at a time. 
I tell myself that as long as these steps are in the right direction (however slow) then we are on track! 
Thank you again for all your support....With Love
Donna x 

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Absolutely love all my products got 2 bags, face cloth , Mirror Compact and ordered the silver brushes in the sale ! I nearly forgot my key ring perfect 👌 I might get round to some makeup soon it’s never too late to start even at nearly 56 . Service fantastic and instagram videos brilliant although I’m not very social media savvy so working on that as well. Thank you for everything I love all my items. Ps A spare bag for your summer holiday essentials all in one place 👌


Love all the products all total quality. Love travelling with my signature bag, brushes and mirror.always the 1st thing I pack 😁

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