10 minutes with Judi Love


Judi LOVE....what a name, and what a pleasure...Judi started at Loose Women last year in 2020, My first memory of Judi was how the whole makeup team at Loose wanted to make her up! Judi has the perfect face for any makeup artist to fight over! Great eyes, with a high socket line, perfect for lots of eyeshadow, plus lots of room for BIG lashes! and those lips! I could go on and on, but I won't because Judi is a lot more than her gorgeous face. 

Many people wont know this but Judi is qualified as a Social worker, and this comes across in every conversation I've had with her...compassion. She's seen it all and is happy to be open about life's challenges and bringing up 2 children on her own, she's experienced struggles. 


When talking to Judi, you can feel all she wants to do is help and find solutions for you, there is no judgement.....and with that loud typical Jamaican laugh, she's someone who everyone wants to be around...as she always says.... Laughter is Healing! 


We love you Judi xxxx

You have become a very well known face on our television screens and a wonderful addition to the Loose Women Team - what has been the biggest eye opener since you exploded onto our TV screens?
The reality that you can engage with such a wide audience and connect with so many more people. It’s brilliant 

As a comedian, do you feel constant pressure to entertain and which other person in your industry has had the biggest influence on you?
I feel as an entertainer generally there’s that pressure - however, for me, I just feel I’m being myself, and somehow people still find it funny.  Comedians love observation so there’s always something to find funny.  

If you could go on a ‘social distanced’ walk and gossip with one other person right now, (not friend or family member) who would you choose and why?
It would have to be Oprah, she inspired me through all of her channels and just how she maintained being connected to her audience and being knowledgeable to others. 

Do you miss travel? Where will be the first place that you book a trip to?Definitely!! Would just live to sit on a beach with white sand, seafood and sunshine! 

You are a mum to 2, 15 year girl and 11 year old boy - how has the homeschooling been going? Is laughter getting you through?

Laughter, little bit of wine and prayers, this third lockdown has been easier as they are doing live classes!  But just keeping up with the information has been challenging plus it's working.

Is music important to you? Which song evokes the most memories for you - the one that stops you in your tracks when you hear it!?

I love music and it really evokes beautiful emotions and memories. I love old school RnB like Mary J Blige, Reggae like Beres Hammond, Gospel like Fred Hammond and New Soul like Jill Scott and Anita Baker!! She my favourite 


Many women flip careers once their children grow older - if you were to move into another career what would this be? 

I think I would like to do more acting and motivational work that inspired other people to live their best authentic life 

Are you a spender or a saver? What was the last thing you spent over £50 on??

Wow I’m a spender!! lol especially in lockdown, over £50 probably perfume and food! But I try not to spend beyond my means. 

Ok - lets talk fashion and Beauty...Whose personal style do you really admire?

I've probably got my style from plus size models, in honesty a lot of American singers like Amber Riley 

Do you follow a strict skincare regime? Can you share with our readers?
I keep it simple on my skin and use simple, and a facial steam every week and clean and clear. 

Is there one product you have used since your teens that you just can't let go?

Clean and clear for my face 

What is your favourite lip colour? Brand and shade?

Mac Ruby Wow red 

What is your desert island product that you couldn't live without?

Coconut oil 

Finally, as we are now in lockdown again - this time feels so much tougher than the first time, is there one piece of advice you could give our readers that helps you when you are stressed and anxious?

To find a place of peace, this could be through walking, please music, writing and having a routine. If you can find something that uplifts you spiritually as well. Is really good, most importantly speak out of your not feeling yourself. Use the time to invest in you again x


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