Wearing purple mascara can be a great choice to enhance BLUE EYES. The colour wheel in art and makeup suggests that purple is opposite to yellow on the colour spectrum, and since yellow is the complementary colour to blue, purple can make blue eyes stand out. (That's a long winded explanation!)

Here are some tips for wearing purple mascara to enhance blue eyes:

  • Coordinate with Eyeshadow: Pairing purple mascara with eyeshadow in complementary colours can create a balanced look. Shades like soft pinks,heathers or neutral tones can complement purple mascara and enhance the overall eye color.
  • Subtle or Bold: Depending on your style and the occasion, you can go for a subtle look by applying a thin coat of purple mascara for a hint of colour, or you can layer it for a bolder, more dramatic effect.
  • Black or Brown Liner: To define your eyes further, consider using black or brown eyeliner. This will provide a contrast that enhances the purple mascara and makes your eyes pop.
  • Neutral Lips: If you're going for a bold eye look with purple mascara, consider keeping your lips neutral. This helps to balance the overall makeup and keeps the focus on your eyes.
  • Curl Your Lashes: Regardless of mascara colour, curling your lashes can open up your eyes and make them appear larger.

Donna's recommendations for great lashes...

Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Volumizing and Thickening Eyelash Lengthening Mascara in Burgundy Haze.


SHISEDO Controlled Chaos in Violet Vibe

BARRY M Rebel Lash Coloured Mascara in Purple

BARRY M Rebel Lash Coloured Mascara in Purple


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