One step closer to Spring!

It is finally February, we've all been paid again and Spring is round the corner!!


The NTA's
We had such an exciting week this week at Loose Women as we were up for a National Television Award.  I'm still feeling dazed from the craziness of getting the   majority of the Loose Women ready, plus production guests, for the awards on Tuesday night.



I always start with a nice smooth plan but funnily enough the plan seems to go out of the window after the first 2 hair and makeup transformations and it suddenly turns into a free for all!
I must have heard my name being shouted out in the makeup room 4000 times "Donna wheres ..." "Donna Can I have..." "Donna I need..." 'Donna 10 mins left..." "Donna...Can you.."


Kaye (Adams) had left her eye makeup and false lashes on for 5 days, since her last appearance on Loose, so she was easy to do!
Coleen (Nolan) had been on a shoot all day and we were only given 15 minutes together to get her Red Carpet ready and Denise (Welch) fell asleep in her dressing room, and only woke up 15 mins before the bus left which only gave us enough time to zip her up, apply some red lippy and hairspray her hair!
I think we can all agree that all the girls looked stunning on the night in their all red dress code courtesy of our wonderful stylists, Gemma & Bertie 



On Wednesday, I worked alongside Denise Welch on a photoshoot for her new book. She has finally decided the time is right to put in print her battle with clinical depression, it's going to be a poignant read. 

I've worked with Denise for over 15 years now and have seen her at her very wonderful best and also at her deepest darkest self. We have had many heart to hearts about mental health whilst she has been in my makeup chair and she really 'gets it'.  I'm super proud to call her my friend.
Denise Welch Book Launch


For all of those aspiring MUA's out there, take a read of Christine Blundell's story HERE. Christine is a very well sought after Film Make up & Hair Artist with masses of experience under her belt. She also created the Christine Blundell Make-up Academy.


I'm sure you have all seen that our gorgeous Linda Robson is back at Loose Women with us. Always a pleasure to make up, and such a professional, Linda always comes with a clean face ready for makeup and beautifully manicured nails...not like some people I could mention! 



I know that you all follow my eldest son Oscar @coolandSmall
Well, he's determined to get a Saturday job when he turns 13 soon and he wants to look after dogs! He says that he wants to "play, cuddle, brush and walk dogs as he LOVES them!" so, we put together a little CV for him with some references and off he went all alone to the local dog groomers/cafe...bless his heart, he spent 10 mins telling the owner how useful he could be...she said she would call him this week...fingers crossed for him please!!



The countdown is on...12 days until he really shows you how much he loves you!!! We are making it super easy for him to not only remember, but to also get you something you REALLY want!
Send him this link if you would like to own the stunning red Valentine bag!



THEY ARE BACK! ... but not for long!  Seriously, we can't believe how fast these ladies are selling! The Reviews we have had have been amazing (stick one here) honestly, don't miss one now.

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Thank you for all your beautiful products, everything in one place and the face cloth is perfect! Did I mention the mirror compact 🤔it’s fantastic for on the train or public transport so thank you very much. As always the loose ladies look amazing and can’t wait to read Denise’s book as it’s been the demon in my life from 13 but at 56 I am finally able to deal with any little blips that come along even when you least expect. It’s taken me until 55 now 56 to start experimenting with make up and so I just love your products 💋

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