RELIEVING THE BOREDOM OF LOCKDOWN 3 - What has Donna been up to?

Embracing boredom...that's what I've been trying to do, it's either that or go insane. so the following are things that i've been doing over the past 4 miserable grey, rainy weeks.


I'm not even going to talk about this, it's driving us all crazy, even me, who absolutely LOVES having my boys at home, it's finally REALLY taking its toll. I spent a fortune on Blue Light Screen savers last week (Octushields)  as a friend told me just how damaging all this screen time is for their young forming brains, it frightened the life out of me.
Plus the boys have both had a few days where it's all too much for them (and me) and we have to sit down and work out how to make this easier and more enjoyable...which works for a few days and then we try and change it up again. It's hard full stop. 


Obviously Loose Women is still on air, but due to Homeschooling I'm not travelling into London. I've had the pleasure of doing lots of on-line Shopping and making sure all our presenters have the correct makeup kits they need, it's always fun doing this part of the job, but boy it makes you realise how expensive Makeup is!


That little old thing! and running we have! Blimey the whole DML team have been working our little ankle socks off!  Always thinking of ways to improve our presence on social media, Improve the website, creating relatable posts all takes hours and hours and not forgetting designing our products, sorting out our warehouse, talking to our customers and the million other elements involved...mentally exhausting and bloody exhilarating too!


I sit down at 7.30/8pm and love my TV time!
PRIME - I love 'The Good Fight' A brilliant legal series and we have to do at least 2 eps a night... 
BBC iplayer - The Serpent - with my girl crush Jenna Coleman, her fashion and hair are amazing!
Ch4 - Malcolm in the Middle reruns - do you remember this from the 90's ? OMG its so brilliant, I introduced my boys to it and we all ended up crying with laughter at the chaos. 


I've been trying to make healthy sweet things  to try and curb that sweet tooth of mine...the Salted Date & Chocolate Bites  from the latest Sainsbury's Magazine are the best recipe by far...they taste like the best ever snickers you've ever eaten, i keep them in the freezer and they are crazy good!


I'm committed to doing my 3 classes a week with  HeadActive 
I love the Weighted Strength Classes and its fun zooming in and seeing everyone else at home joining in. For £8 a week this is money very well spent. 
On top of this I walk miles every week, can't beat the feeling of a good brisk walk, even in the rain..I love listening to the podcasts Smartless with Jason Bateman, Will Arnett & Sean Hayes, they are hilarious together.
I'm also enjoying listening to the Power:The Maxwells.  Plus my Morbid side loves Dateline, true life Murder stories oh and Chameleon Hollywood Con Queen is an amazing story that you will not believe (buts its true!)


During the last Lockdown, I was lethal - I gave away so much clutter and hundreds of clothes, it felt it was only right that this lock down I finally have some new wardrobes built to keep my newly organised and fewer (eekk!) clothes in.
The Brief to our carpenter was Old French, to look like they have always been there....he did well!  With me peering over his shoulder making sure they looked aged and not too new, was difficult for him but he did brilliantly.  Plus we put some cheats style panelling chuffed with the results x
Can you tell I'm a frustrated Interior Designer!!
and that's what i've been about you?

Donna x


Julie Mccheyne
Julie Mccheyne

Hi ! Loving that i have finally joined insta and your team! Loving the tutorials. I worked with Clinique for 20 years ( pre children) so make up is a must for me. I am divorced 11 years and single working mum to 2 teenage huge 6ft 2 boys. I went to night college 2 years ago in a moment of madness and have completed my HNC in Early Childhood Education which was brutal as lockdown came along! I work in ELC Nursery and love it but due to Covid i havent managed to get a job with my new qualification yet. So im signed off atm as all my joints have swollen up, had to get a steroid jag last week which is a immunosuppressive so i cant go to work for a month 🤦‍♀️ so loving the social media. Have ordered so much of the products you talk about. Love the glossy fresher look. Got my bronzie yesterday so feeling glowing today! Im 50 on 3rd March ( lockdown birthday) holiday cancelled, party cancelled but mum ordered me the brushes and sparkly lay flat with an initial! So excited.I may not be going far but i sure will try and look my best! I also love how you use a good mix of price ranges. I cant afford as much as i used to 2 teens are expensive but the lower end products like kiko ect are fabulosy! Thank you for coming into my life at this time. Maybe 1 day we could do a wee tutorial together how good would that be, a single working mum of 50 with DML❤🙏 lots of love your fab and Kaye! Xx


The first lockdown we sawed and split a load of wood, lots of gardening including lots of little structural bits we’ve been wanting to do in the garden for ages . Painted the whole of the outside of the house up and down and the outside of our B and B loved watching Adam Frost and family’s lives on Instagram on Friday nights whilst enjoying a gin and a beer not in the same glass! This 3rd lockdown have found it harder maybe the time of year. Still sawing and stacking more wood (we live on a farm) lots of trees down in the past but make excellent fire wood. Have really enjoyed Donna’s Instagram lives and posts especially with Kaye and just baking reading and binge watching have seen The Serpent Bridgerton The Queens Gambit The Dig lots of Schitts Creek and had some family zooms and zoom quizzes. It’s bloody hard some days but surely we are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel Take care everyone

Sarah Duhig
Sarah Duhig

Wow you’ve been so busy! Always love watching your Instagram videos and that keeps me busy ordering masses of make up (most of which I don’t need!!!) but have enjoyed making myself up most days. Loving the Code8 foundation. Have also been decluttering. Have one daughter at home from uni and one in her first year of college so luckily I don’t have to help with any of the work (not that I understand any of it anyway!!). I wasn’t aware of the blue light issue either so will look into that as they spend hours looking at their computer screens as does my husband at the moment. Anyway just wanted to thank you for keeping me entertained and up to date with nee make up. We all have your brushes, make up bags and cloths that take your make up off. I’d love to try the brow kit but it frightens me a bit as I’ve never really done much with my brows. Also would love to know where your dungarees are from??? Thanks again Donna. Happy Sunday. X

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