Donna May London - Who we are and why we do what we do!

As the Donna May London brand continues to grow, we thought it would be nice to explain a little about the business and why we do what we do!

Created in 2017, Donna had a lightbulb moment after a collection of makeup mats she had made for herself and her peers in the makeup industry were so incredibly well received. The mat was great for keeping surfaces clean but she wanted to go a step further and create something that could quickly scoop up all your makeup in one go after having it laid out on a mat in front of you - the lay flat makeup bag was born.

The business literally started from Donna's kitchen table, with family and friends helping to both make and post the orders she received.  The market for the product was obviously there, but demand was beginning to outstrip production and Donna needed to look elsewhere for help with the manufacturing.  

Donna sought out factories and knew she needed to create a website to sell her products - she was introduced by a mutual friend to Sarah, who was running her own successful branding and website design company.  They had an instant rapport and over the next couple of years they worked together on building the brand and finally in 2020, Sarah came on board full-time as a Director.

The core mission of the business has always been to simplify your wakeup and makeup routine designing practical, professional accessories that really work.  

The business is personal - it has meaning - we are two working mums who want to be the best we can be and in doing so, make people feel better about themselves.   Through Donna's many tutorials and recommendations, we have received some of the most wonderful comments (and yes, we read every single one) with many saying that rediscovering makeup has literally changed their lives, giving them the confidence to believe in themselves again maybe after divorce or illness.  For us this is HUGE!

The products we sell run parallel with our social channels - each equally as important as the other.  We make products we believe in.  The Makeup Brushes were remade then tested and tested until they were 100% right, the eco makeup remover cloth has changed the night time routine and plastic consumption of thousands of women, the makeup bag has saved carpets from makeup mess in hundreds of teenagers bedrooms and are a pretty feature on dressing tables  around the country, rather than hidden away in drawers. 

What does the future hold? Much of the same we hope - we are passionate about creating many more products that really make a difference plus continuing to support a community of 'women of a certain age' who have perhaps lost their identity, feel intimidated by the beauty halls full of 20 something girls and just need a bit of guidance to be the best version of themselves.  

So many people do not realise that the business is just us (with the help of Lara in After Sales and Michelle helps us with Social Media) we literally don't stop...but we love every minute (almost).

Not a day has gone by in the past 2 years when we haven't sent numerous texts to each other. We wake up to them, go to sleep after answering is endless but we wouldn't have it any other way and are excited about what the future holds - we sincerely hope you will be there with us!



Janice Partridge
Janice Partridge

I was just going to leave a little review for my latest purchase but then realised I have bought so much of your stuff I would just lump all reviews together. I absolutely loved my large sparkling make up bag, sits proudly on my dressing table and so easy to use and tidy up afterwards! The matching brush set I love, fabulous quality brushes and labelled so I can’t use the wrong brush!! Next I bought the leopard skin face masks, so attractive and comfy. I then ordered the hair and and wash cloth – that cloth really is magic! Next I ordered the embroidered lip masks – 1 set for myself and another 3 sets for friend and daughters! They all loved them and love the smiles and comments received when wearing them. Delivery was prompt and items were beautifully wrapped, my daughter loved the box and wrapping etc – made her feel very special.
So Donnamaylondon – WELL DONE!!!


Donna you really are amazing. You and your small ( but mighty) team truly are inspirational. You deserve every success.

Vintage Style Living
Vintage Style Living

Such an inspirational story and proves that hard work (and beautiful products) pays off. We hadn’t planned on selling masks in our shop, but I got so many compliments wearing them, we decided to become a stockist! They have been a great seller and and gives our customers a permanent smile. They are so comfortable to wear all day too. Thanks guys.
PS. My makeup bag is a game changer and I’ve just treated myself to some makeup brushes. x

Linda Cordery
Linda Cordery

Donna you are so very clever, I remember when you first started with the mats and bags and how we all sat and packed them. Just want to say your mum & dad are so very, very proud of you and all that you have succeeded in all you wanted and will carry on being so successful, we love you with all our hearts xxxxxx

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