10 minutes with Saira Khan

You have become such a well known face on our TV screens and an obvious fave on Loose Women - what is your greatest achievement so far regarding your career?

I think being able to maintain a career in this industry is an achievement. I came to fame when I entered the BBC show The Apprentice back in 2005 - so to be still on the screen in 2020, and wanted, is something I am very grateful for. You have to make the hay whilst the sunshines as they say - I never take this amazing opportunity for granted.

You were amazing on Dancing on Ice and made enormous progress - have you continued to skate and what was your favourite part of the show?

Sadly no I haven’t continued to skate, due to work and family commitments. Learning to ice skate at 48 was a big deal, I had to overcome a lot of personal fears but that was the part I enjoyed. My favourite part was definitely being transformed every week into different characters - the costumes, hair and makeup were fab - I love a glam squad! 

Who is the most inspirational person you have ever met - famous or not - and why did they leave such a mark on you?

My husband by far.  He is highly intelligent, widely travelled, well read, and well informed. He has high work ethics and standards whilst also being very measured and patient. He has helped me in my own personal development, to understand my skills, strengths and also acknowledge that I have room for development too. Most importantly, he is very supportive of me and all the things I do. He is an amazing husband as well as a father and human.

Which song evokes the most memories for you? The one that literally stops you in your tracks when you hear it? 

I love The Stone Roses and in particular the song “I wanna be adored” - just reminds me of Uni, being free, young and carefree

If you could invite 3 people over for dinner and a chat - dead or alive - who would it be and why?

1. Nelson Mandela - do I need to explain?

2. Noor Inayat Khan (British spy in World War II who served in the Special Operations Executive (SOE) - When I read about this amazing woman I was blown away - As an SOE agent she became the first female wireless operator to be sent from the UK into occupied France to aid the French Resistance during World War II.

3. Bill Murray - he’s eccentric and I love all his movies. He makes me laugh from the core.

You are a very successful business woman as well as a media star, is there a piece of advice you have been given over the years that has really stuck with you and if yes, can you pass this on for our readers?

The best advice I was ever given was to have a vision for your life, set goals and always have high standards for yourself.

Who's fashion style do you really admire?

Elsa Pataky - Married to Chris Hemsworth. I love her boho, natural, effortless look.

What is the last thing you spent over £50 on? Was it something nice? Share with us...

I bought my hubby some trendy Pullin boxer shorts - he was moaning his underwear draw was looking a bit sad - so I bought him 7 pairs - he doesn’t look like Steptoe anymore !

Let's talk makeup - Donna always says that you have such a wonderful face to make up - what is the one makeup product you couldn't live without - your desert island choice?

I love, love, love, a bronzer, bareMinerals is my favourite - a bit of bronzer just lifts my face and gives me that natural glow that I love . Donna introduces me to some fab make up brands

What is your favourite lip colour - brand and shade?

I love a brown, bronze shade. My favourite is Fresh Moroccan by Mac


Which is the oldest and newest piece in your makeup bag?

Oldest - Sheisido eye shadow
Newest - Mac bronzer

Is there one particular product from the past that really sticks in your mind and evokes memories - ie twilight teaser lipstick?? 

No - I’m not really sentimental with makeup. But when I find a colour I love / I stick with it

Finally, How was lockdown for you? How did you spend the time? Is it something you have relished or are you keen to get back to normality?

I loved lockdown. It gave me a chance to connect with my hubby and kids and I used the time to grow myself mentally, physically and spiritually. I worked out everyday and created my own little workout group on Instagram. I shared my recipes, and skincare tips and I grew very close to my Instagram community. I saw lockdown as an amazing opportunity to be together with my family.

But it was hard work with me working from home, homeschooling my kids and my hubby running his business from the kitchen table. But it is these times that tests your attitude to change - I embrace curveballs in life - it keeps me on my toes and tests my metal.

I was busy everyday in lockdown, and I’ve come out of it with a better understanding of who I am, what’s important in my life and how my values in life have helped me to stay calm and collected during challenging times.

My key learning from lockdown? Never panic, but breathe, be still and think.

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