Our Story

Donna May London sell practical beauty products that provide simple solutions for everyday beauty related problems. We help to alleviate the stress from the 101 decisions women have to make when choosing their makeup, accessories or beauty products, saving them time and unnecessary expense.

In addition to the products we sell, we offer trustworthy insider celebrity makeup tips and tricks, from 25 yrs experience working within the television industry, that the majority of women are not privy to. We truly believe it shouldn't cost a fortune to look fabulous - it is simply having the knowledge to know how to use what you have. 

Purpose, Cause & Passion

Donna May London are passionate about simplifying an elitist industry. Taking the fear away from the beauty counters and educating our customers that It doesn't have to cost a fortune to look and feel fabulous.

Not only do we sell routine changing products at affordable prices, we also teach women how to look their best whatever their budget with relatable, easy to follow tutorials that take 2 minutes out of their day but add hours of confidence.

Our Wonderful Team

  • Donna May Clitheroe

    Donna May Clitheroe

    Founder & Commercial Manager

  • Sarah Spence

    Sarah Spence

    Managing Director

  • Lara Mitchell

    Lara Mitchell

    Customer Services Manager

  • Robyn Bennett

    Robyn Bennett

    Facebook Community & Wholesale Manager

  • Michelle Penny

    Michelle Penny

    Social Media Manager

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