10 minutes with...Tess Daly

Tess and I have been friends for years, 22 in fact. We met in the makeup room at The London Studios, when Tess joined the SMTV team in 1998. I'd been working on SMTV as a makeup assistant for about 2 years with Ant, Dec & Cat Deeley (it was my first real paid makeup job after college). 

After they left, along came this glamorous new presenter called Tess Daly & with her our mate Brian Dowling....OH the laughs we all had.!
What a brilliant introduction into working in LIVE TV, where anything can happen and often did!!  With seconds given to us for wig and makeup and costume changes, talk about being thrown into the deep end! 
I look back now, shaking my head and smiling at what a brilliant time we all had, 2 days of madness (a prep day & the live) how lucky we were to work on a job where fun, laughter And silliness were key skills! 
From there I Went to Strictly Come Dancing with Tess as her personal makeup artist (then went on maternity leave with Oscar) again a great show to work on - The glamour and glitter!!!
You don't need to do much to make Tess look even more beautiful than she is. Always super stylish, with a love of peachy lips and some bronzing powder shes half way there!
I worked on lots of other shoots and shows with Tess and Vern over the years and she has always had a soft spot in my heart, as she was there from the beginning of my career.
Tess has been a great supporter or DML since we launched, always ready to try one our new products and give us her valued opinion. She often drops me a line to say how well it looks like the business is doing and we share some pics of our broods....I suppose I feel that I’ve grown up in my makeup career with Tess always being there. 
Thanks Tess for being so loyal. 
Love Ya
Donna x

You are such a well know face on our tv screens - what do you think has been your biggest achievement to date regarding your career?

Working alongside the legend of show business Sir Bruce Forsythe for a decade. I had grown up watching him on Saturday night tv and regularly had to pinch myself that I was standing by his side.
Talking Strictly - Who is the one person that you would absolutely LOVE to see on the show and why?
Sir Micheal Caine. When I met him he couldn’t wait to tell me what huge Strictly fans himself and his wife Shalkira are; they never miss a show. What an honour; I was completely star struck meeting him.
Who is the most inspirational person you have ever met - famous or not - and why did they leave such a mark on you?
Quentin Crisp Was the first person I interviewed he was living in New York as was I and I took him out for lunch a couple of times and he would tell me all about his life’s adventures; he was probably the greatest raconteur I’ve ever had the pleasure to spend with and his attitude to life was just go out there and have wonderful adventures. Such a character. My show reel talking to him got me my first job in television.
Which song invokes the most memories for you - the one that makes you stop in your tracks and either smile or cry?
Jocelyn Brown Somebody else’s guy it was my all time favourite song and Vernon arranged for her to sing it at our wedding. her singing live on stage with all of us dancing with our arms in the air is a moment I will never forget.
Is there a piece of advice that you have been given over the years that has really stuck with you and if yes, can you pass this on for our readers?
My dad always used to say “Enjoy every moment, it’s later than we think”
What is the last thing that you spent over £50 on? Was it something nice? share.
Sophia Webster summer wedges; she is my favourite shoe designer so I treated myself as it’s the perfect holiday shoe so here’s hoping....!
ok - lets talk makeup - what is both the oldest and newest item in your makeup bag?
Lancôme flash bronzer gel-I’ve Been using it for as long as I can remember I put it on every few nights after moisturising before bed and wake up with a glowing sunkissed complexion;it’s The single greatest beauty product I’ve ever found- I’m addicted.
Elizabeth Ardens Rosy cream blush : I love the dewy glow it gives.
Which makeup product could you not live without - your desert island choice?EYELASH CURLERS EVERY TIME
Actually can I can I have two ? I’d take Elizabeth Arden's eight hour cream as it’s perfect for lips eyes cuticles sunburn literally ANY skin problem it’s a miracle worker.
What is your favourite lip colour - brand and shade?
Give me anything peachy with a Sheen and I’m all over it...can’t bear Matt lipsticks yuck!
Finally - how has lockdown been for you and your family? Is it something you have relished or are you keen to get back to normality?
Got to be honest I’ve LOVED all the extra family time; but all the extra cooking and cleaning because we are always home I could definitely live without!



Loved this interview she is beautiful inside and out.
BTW got my brushes this morning cant wait to use them

Charmaine Rooney
Charmaine Rooney

I’m a big DM fan loving everything you do 👍🏽💯 I like you have enjoyed this time with family and long walks with my hubby … it’s time to get back to work in the 15th here in Glasgow.. I have decided I’m not going back to the manic life that was 🙈.. I’m using the NO word more often in a polite way of course 👍🏽🤣

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