10 minutes with TV legend Gaby Roslin

Gaby Roslin

Gaby Roslin is a Mum, television presenter and radio broadcaster.  She’s headed up the original The Big Breakfast with Chris Evans, Hosted Children In Need with Terry Wogan, The National Lottery and so much more.  Her podcast, ‘That Gaby Roslin Podcast’, is a breath of fresh air as she chats to celebrities about the things that make them happy. It’s been nice to turn the tables and ask her the questions here…

DML: You are such an incredibly well known face with such a long and varied career.  What would you say is your biggest achievement to date and what keeps you driving forward?

Gaby: I think that the fact that I wanted to be a TV presenter from the age of three and I am still working is quite something really. I love TV and radio so much, so still to be doing it makes me smile every time I go into work which in itself drives me forward.

DML: You meet a lot of people through your work – both famous and not – which person stands out as the one that has had the biggest influence on you?

Gaby: In my 35 year career I have met such an incredible mix of fascinating people that I really can’t choose one. From the World’s biggest movie stars to strong brave children and their families – I honestly couldn’t pick just one!

DML: In your podcast, That Gaby Roslin Podcast, you ask famous faces to discuss the things that make them laugh. What makes you laugh and brings you joy?

Gaby: The things that make me laugh are the old fashioned moments of people walking into trees or slipping on ice, so long as they don’t hurt themselves of course!.

DML: As a radio presenter, music must be a big part of your life. Which type of music holds the most memories for you? The music you always turn to when you need a lift?

Gaby: I have always loved a huge variety of music but if anyone was to push me I have to say that musical theatre is my music of choice. I have been known (on many occasions) to listen to musical theatre whilst working out!

DML: Are you a spender or a saver? 

Gaby: I wouldn’t say I’m a big spender, but I do love fashion and shoes.

I spend a lot of time doing something I started some years ago, called “shopping in you wardrobe” on social media.  I was sickened by the amount of money that was being spent on fast fashion. When the stories came to light about the mountains of fashion that were building up and also people desperately wanting to have the latest this or that, I felt we all needed to step back into our wardrobes to see what we had.

If you are buying something new then just see what you have already and add that one new thing to it.

I also love make up and have always been a fan. Years ago you had to keep quiet about enjoying make-up, it was seen that you weren’t bright or interesting if you liked make-up, but nowadays we can all be loud and proud about loving it.

DML: Do you follow a strict skincare regime? Can you share?

Gaby: Skincare wise I use Murad, serums and cleanser and toner and night moisturiser, it has changed my skin for the better. I also use Spectacle skincare day moisturiser and Sarah Chapman tinted SPF.

DML: Do you have a favourite go-to product or brand within your makeup bag?

Gaby: I keep a lot of my nice compacts with loads of eye colours in. Love Charlotte Tilbury for eyes and yes I always wear make-up. I even had mascara and eyeliner on when I gave birth. That’s just me I do love my eye make-up.

DML: What is your desert island product? The one product that you can’t live without?

Gaby: I couldn’t live without two products to be honest. Black mascara and some sort of lip balm/gloss

DML: You have talked openly about feeling shy… how do you overcome that in your day to day? Any advice you can offer our readers?

Gaby: I am very open about how shy I was growing up, but also still have moments of shyness as an adult. I have learnt that if you really can’t face that party and you feel as if you won’t be able to cope, I can tell you you can.

Believe in yourself and remember that many other people feel just the same as you do. Try and seek out someone alone also and say hi. It’s that simple.

Remember to ask the questions and listen to their answers. They’re probably as shy as you are and they’ll be so thrilled you stopped to talk

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