Happy Mother's Day!

I don't really know how else to express how I'm feeling at the moment! but let's try and keep this a pandemic free zone - I think we can leave that to social media and TV.
First and foremost, I want to wish all you amazing women out there (Mother's or not) a happy Mother's Day - let's make it a celebration of us all!
We picked a winner for our Mother's Day competition this week, and the winner is....drumroll...Pam..nominated by Emma George (who's birthday it is also today - so happy birthday Emma!!)


"I would love to nominate my Mum, Pam as she is simply the best. She is my best friend and my mum. Having been unwell myself recently, she dropped everything her end, just to keep my home and family working as normal. She moved herself in and worked from my home so that the kids always got to school and nursery on time, loads of washing was done and dinner prepped so my husband didn’t have to do it all when he got home from work.
She herself isn’t 100% with her health, yet she sacrifices everything for us all.
My brother, 37 and myself (31 on Sunday 😄), still can’t get cabs home... her words ‘don’t waste your money, I’ll come and get you’ ! Honestly she’s incredible!
She’s known to all my friends as Nanny Pam, she’s the one with her handbag full of sweeties for the kids and they all want cuddles!  I could go on and on, but she’s truly one in a million and words couldn’t describe how amazing she is!"

Those that know me well, know that I'm OCD when it comes to tidying and I'm massively struggling on just day 2 of homeschooling!
I am not the most patient person in the world, and with one child being dyslexic, it really pushes my boundaries to stay calm!  and the HOUSE....aaarrrgghhhh!
I have mopped the floor 4 times a day, continually followed the boys around and have had no time, so far,  to do any of my work! I may have to lock them in my office ( their new classroom) from 9am-3.30pm every day so the house stays tidy!!!!
Coffee, Wine and running are the only things going to keep me sane over the next few months!


As we all self isolate and stay at home, to lighten the mood,  I would like to bring you lots of really useful makeup tutorials.  There can be no more excuses about lacking time to perfect that makeup look you have always wanted to!
So please let me know (in the comments below) what you would like to learn.
Unfortunately, due to current circumstances, we are going to have to postpone our Mature Makeup Masterclasses until September - But that's fine, it is going to give us a lot more time to prepare and make them extra special for you.
Please, again, let us know what you would like us to include in these classes by leaving a comment below or emailing us at enquiries@donnamaylondon.com.


We had the gorgeous Sara Davis from Dragons Den on Loose Women this week. It was a delight, as always, to make her up...she had loads of really useful advice about making the use of the time now, while people are forced to work from home,  to set up some new online businesses...just remember to keep it different from what's already out there!
Let us know if you have any new ideas for some on-line businesses,  my work wife Sarah is a brand building and website expert and will be happy to give some advice on either either of these areas for you - drop her a line at sarah@donnamaylondon.com.
Please keep an eye on our offers coming up on social media, we want to be available and affordable for all our customers, especially at this difficult time and please, please if you feel alone during this time - reach out to us - we are here!
love Donna, Sarah & Team xx


June Stapleton
June Stapleton

Love your make up tutorials, you look so much like a girl I went to school with in the east end, I’m 70 is your mum that age? Could she be my old school friend? Her name was Linda Gook, thanks

Heather Green
Heather Green

Hi Ladies,
Firstly hope you have all enjoyed Mother’s Day a strange one but we all need to stick together to get through this 🙏My daughter gave birth to her 4th baby 2 weeks ago and now has the other 3 children at home indefinitely. It’s not just the older people struggling in the days and months to come it’s also the younger generation who can’t understand why they can’t go to the park, why people are wearing masks etc . My daughter and me have had our struggles over the last 9yrs but I have somehow managed to keep hope that one day we could build a mother and daughter relationship back 🙏If one positive thing has come out of this truly worrying time it’s brought us together baby steps but she has realised you need your mum. For me who in 9yrs hasn’t had a card or message from either of my children/ 7 grandchildren and have nearly given up the hope today in this pandemic I have received 2 cards and a text message from my son. So for anyone who is struggling with family fall outs no matter how small never give up , stand back and in your own time stay positive things will turn. I have waited 9 years for today and 2 cards and a message mean life has been worth fighting for at times when the health profession didn’t think I would beat it. At 56 if I can do it and I haven’t had any support then remember you can let’s be positive and with videos to watch from yourselves and the loose ladies who still provide that much needed lift mid day we can do this and become a better world. I might even have a dabble with some makeup using your brilliant brush set , mirror and of course the drawstring makeup bag (I now have 3 ) . Stay safe everyone and thank you for making ordinary people feel special 👌💋

Nicola Richardson
Nicola Richardson

Maybe a tutorial on easy ways to do winged eyeliner looks as it’s something I lack confidence with. All your videos are fab and your products are fantastic!

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