Beautiful Jewellery by Sophie Hooper - A very special commission.

Last weekend it was my daughter's 18th birthday (yep - can't believe it either!!) and after a very difficult time in sixth form, living away from home throughout much of the pandemic and working her proverbial nuts off throughout the past 2 years, we wanted to mark the occasion with something very special to show her how utterly proud we are of her...step forward Sophie Hooper!

Sophie is an incredibly talented jewellery designer who lives on St Mary's, which is the largest inhabited island of the Isles of Scilly.  Working from her home studio, she creates exquisite pieces inspired by the island's granite landscape and wonderful colours.  

We really wanted to make the design as personal as possible so my husband & I spent hours beach-combing, looking for the perfect piece of sea glass from the island home she loves so much.

I knew in my mind what I was looking for - a lilac piece of treasure which was proving very hard to find!  Word got out and one day there was a knock on the door and a lovely lady, who was staying on the islands at the time, had heard our dilemma and handed us the most beautiful piece of lilac sea glass she had found for us when walking on one of our stunning beaches on Bryher. What an incredibly lovely gesture which actually makes the find even more special!

We sent this over to Sophie and commissioned her to create a ring featuring the sea glass with 2 small diamonds on each side of the band to represent her mum and dad so she could keep us with her always.

Here is the finished design...we couldn't be more thrilled and Mila absolutely LOVES it and totally understood the sentiment behind the creation - we know that she will treasure it forever. A future heirloom perhaps. We hope so.

Please take a look at Sophie's beautiful designs on her website and follow her instagram sophiehooperjewellery

I know what will be on my birthday & Christmas lists for the foreseeable future!!

Sarah x 


My beautiful mermaid (middle) and her gorgeous friends on her birthday...

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