Donna's Online Makeup Recommendations for 40+ Women...Studio 10 & Code 8

Feeling overwhelmed when choosing makeup products?
It's the never ending question I get from my subscribers "how do I know what to buy, there's too much choice"?
Feeling bamboozled when trying to simply buy a lippy isn't a new thing. In fact we asked for it didn't we? We wanted more choice, more colours, more textures, more everything...there we go, we got what we asked for!
And then we reach the age of 40+ and we've had enough of choice. Our brains don't want to have to think about what's for dinner, let alone the foundation we are trying to buy and sieving through the never ending information we are given! Has it got the right amount of luminosity to look youthful, but not sweaty? Is full coverage enough to cover the age spots, but not to heavy that it sits in the lines yet matte enough to cover the glow on my T-zone, but not too matte to look cakey!! On and on it goes and we end up buying the same old product we always have!
Most women just want to be told, 'this suits you, buy it '. Obviously from a trustworthy person like moi!  So, I thought I would introduce you to two brands that you are going to thank me for...I'm giving away my secrets here, but you're worth it! 
Studio 10 was founded by Grace Foder, a friend of Donna May London. Grace has worked tirelessly to bring women products that are easy to choose & easy to use. She shares our idealism that women at our age want quality, convenience and practicality with a little luxury thrown in.
Her range has limited (this is a good thing!) choices in each category, making the whole experience of shopping for makeup a pleasant one.  We dont scroll through page after page of foundation choices, in fact Studio10 has only 1 foundation to choose from in 3 shades (light, medium & dark).
With quick fix solutions, for women, great skincare ingredients, and just enough's a winner!

Here are Donna's Kiss of Approval product recommendations for Studio 10:

Plumping Blush Glow-Plexion - If you feel like your skin needs a little perk, this is the product for you, it gives the skin a gorgeous peachy glow and really lifts the spirits in doing so. Either add some to your foundation, or use as a cream blush.
Studio 10 Foundation
The Age Repair Perfect Canvas SPF30 Foundation - super Lightweight and buildable,  you can easily achieve the coverage you require and best of all it's got a gorgeous Cashmere soft consistency. It comes in a palette with 2 shades to cover winter and summer skin.
The 6-in-1 Perfect Lash Mascara - This is brilliant, it's a double ended mascara, with a teeny wand to get right to the roots and also to easily cover the lower lashes and a Full wand for a more dramatic look. With ingredients to help grow and nourish your lashes its a win win product. 
The Wake Up & Glow Lip & Cheek Tint - We have recommended these to so many people on our social media, 3 great colours that suit ANY skin tone. Peach, Tearose and Roseberry. Great lippys for women whose lip line seems to have faded, who also want some pretty & healthy looking lips with some nourishing properties to  help protect against the environment. I've nearly used all of mine up!
Owners Nadine Ayache & Sophia Chikovani have created a brand that I've fallen head over heels in love with .
I was lucky enough to have been sent some samples of their products to try, and I'm so glad I was. Beautiful products in beautiful packaging with a strong ethos of simplifying makeup for women of ALL ages.  Again like us, they have designed their products purposefully with time in mind. High performance and fast application in  flattering colour palettes makes choosing the products really simple...less choice, less hassle!
Also For every palette or lip colour you buy, they have an edited selection of colour pairings, so you are told what lippys match the eye palette! genius. 

Here are Donna's Kiss of Approval product recommendations for Code 8 : 

Create your Own Lipstick Colour-
An amazing treat Code8 have is to make your own bespoke lipstick! We all have a favorite lippy that suddenly becomes obsolete  - well, fear no more, you can create your own!
Iconoclast eyeshadow Palette - 
A small palette with brilliant colours to suit all skin types, colours and textures, I love the size of this, fits in your Handbag size Donna May London Makeup bag a treat! 
5Secs Express Lip & Cheek colour -
With only a choice of 3 colours, you can't go wrong!, its sheer like a balm but the chunk size of a crayon - love it! the Colour 'Off Broadway" is the universal colour that will suit 99% of women 
Highlight HD Palette - 
When you open this, it feels like Christmas! one choice only here - but there are 2 shades in the palette - great again for summer /winter skin options.Just a sweep on your cheek bone, but also looks gorgeous as an eyeshadow! Who doesn't love a 2:1 option! 

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