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Over the last 18 months we have been literally overwhelmed with all the heartfelt emails and messages we receive from members of our online community explaining how Donna's makeup tutorials and honest reviews of products have given so many of you a renewed interest in your appearance, how your self confidence has improved and that you are no longer willing to accept that your age is a barrier to looking great and feeling fabulous.  We are so grateful for every single message and they continually drive us forward to bring you so much more amazing content so we can nail this ageing thing together and obviously bring you time saving, practical products alongside.

We thought that we would share with you some of our friends in the online world who continually Inspire Team Donna May London and help to make our life a little more manageable.


Slow Ageing (@slowageing) :

We all know we cannot stop time but we can slow the effect ageing has on our skin.  They offer gorgeous products and their social channels offer advice on facial massage, nutrition and dealing with menopausal skin which we know is a huge area of interest within our community.



Roar Fitness Girl (@roarfitnessgirl)

One of Donna's lock down saviours, Sarah who is behind the successful Roar Fitness Girl, offers live online home exercise and strength building classes, nutritional advice and general fitness inspiration. 


MotherShoppers (@mothershoppers)

Freelance fashion stylists Gemma & Bertie are big friends of Donna May London.  As mums, they understand that comfort is key and provide continuous fashion inspiration and often great links to offers.  They basically scour the shops for pretty and easy to wear clothing when we don't have the time to! 

Hayley Southwood (@southwoodsocialhub) 
If you are a woman in business or have a dream of giving up the 9-5 and starting something new, Hayley Southwood at Southwood Social Hub is a huge inspiration.  Not only does Hayley run a large, hugely engaged, online community of like minded women who offer genuine support to each other, she also hosts classes and workshops by experienced business professionals in her gorgeous event space, @southwoodevents  (think Soho Farmhouse)  that can improve your skill set.  
These incredibly valuable social events and classes are a great way to meet women in similar circumstances and perhaps provide the opportunity for collaborations.  
The Braid Sisters (@the_braid_sisters)
We all know the incredible benefits that cold water swimming can have on your body and mind, you might remember that Donna recently tried it for herself.
Ami & Martine Braid are based in Glasgow and offer cold water therapy classes for women.  Their social feeds are full of inspiring images of their classes and encouragement to expel the negative and allow a positive mindset to flourish. We will be talking more with the girls about their classes very soon.
Made by Coopers (@madebycoopers)
So much more than an apothecary, not only do MBC create gorgeous natural and organic products with an emphasis on emotional wellbeing, their blog is a fabulous resource for positive mindset and self improvement.  Topics cover breathwork - a powerful free tool we should all perfect, techniques to overcome anxiety and panic attacks plus advice on choosing the right products for your skin.
The Style Sisters (@stylesisters)
Friends of Donna May London, Gemma & Charlotte, have gone from strength to strength over the past couple of years and have become essential viewing on instagram with their celebrity wardrobe makeovers.  I dare you to watch and not be inspired to invest in some velvet hangers and get your wardrobe categorised and in order!
Their brand new book 'helping you live an organised and stylish life' is an essential buy to give insider hints and tips on how to detox your home which in turn is mind cleansing and fantastic therapy.

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Lynn Jones
Lynn Jones

Hi Donna have you any offers on for the travel mirror and washable makeup bag in the leopard print but in the pink x

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