How is everyone doing?

Well, as we finish our second week in Isolation, how's it going for you guys? We really want to hear from you so don't forget to add in your comments and tales of how you have been spending your time during isolation and lock down.

We have finally settled into a routine at our house! We are all up by 7.30am and dressed, ready for school work at 9am...which we do until 2pm and then we do some exercise or some art or the boys play on their games for a while.
Dan has taken over the lunch hour slot (yep, he's started helping!) so that I can go upstairs and film a tutorial for you all before going back to being Headmistress again!
Dan and I were saying it's pretty nice being snuggled up all together (I say this now, but tomorrow i'll be wishing we were all back to work and school again because everyone is getting on my nerves!) 
I know we have it easy, which is why im trying not to whinge about being in lockdown.  Compared to all those amazing people on the front line who go to work daily, dreading what's to come their way, yet braving it for us all.... so much respect.
Lockdown  is forcing us all to do jobs that we have been meaning to do for a long time and  this week, I've had time to sort out my photo cupboard...OMG! I spent a day trying to categorise them!
I spent most of the time sending shots of them to friends and family whilst crying with wouldn't believe some of them!  This has to be one of the WORST (there were so many) pictures of me EVER!! with my lovely mates @gemflossi and @makeupmel - we were a little Trio of Trouble while we were studying at The London College Of Fashion and remain good mates to this day! Oh the stories we could tell you!!! 


I really need some more help...I get messages daily to say you are loving the tutorials and please keep them going...but, what other tutorials do you want to see? Please let me know in the comments below as i'm all smokey eyed out!!!


We absolutely LOVE all the instagram stories that you share with us showing how you use your makeup bags. We have created a new hashtag #mydonnamay which we would love you all to use when talking about your bags.  This way we can always keep up to date with your posts.  
During the coming weeks, we would like to send a prize to the most creative video shared...we will talk more about this on instagram but get your thinking caps on - we will make it worth your while!


Thank you to the gorgeous Nadia Sawalha for showing us one she made earlier!!



Finally, as a special thank you to all of you for your continued support, we are offering 25% off our 'Forever Red' Vegan Drawstring Makeup Bag until code required. Head on over to our website to grab yours before they go!



Have a great week, stay safe, be creative & keep in touch.


Donna & the team xx



Rachel Gray
Rachel Gray

I would love a tutorial on how you style your hair. You have the exact cut and colour I would love so anything you can show me on how you style it please!!

Helen Bunting
Helen Bunting

I have just ordered one of your red bags ( been looking at them for a while ) I also wanted one of your make up brush sets but can’t seem to find them on your website ? Do you have any please ?


Great blog as usual! Well done on your new teaching career! 😬
I’d like more tutorials on how to hide adult acne (menopause skin is annoying) & different product recommendations of makes you like.
Looking forward to seeing what your new project is 🤔.
On a totally different subject, liking the t-shirts you’ve been wearing recently with the red lips!! Great marketing!
Enjoy the sun!

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