Lets talk Primers...

I don't use a primer...there I've said it, I hold my hands up.
I don't use it because I have combination skin and don't want to take away any shine that naturally comes through - I think that a little glow is youthful looking!
There are so many products to choose from within the skincare and makeup sector that it's overwhelming enough, so don't feel that you have to use every new invention that comes out. 
I get so many women asking how to use a primer and whether they need to or not.  Save yourself some money and only buy it if you need it.
Primers were created for a reason and the reason I use a primer when making someone up is if my client has oily skin or large pores. 
Most people are aware if they have oily skin, that they will feel like they have to wipe/pat down their face throughout the day due to it being shiny.  They will want to apply powder after making themselves up and they will feel the need to wash their face more often. Large pores and blackheads are another symptom of oily skin.
If this is you, then a primer may well change your life! A primer's job is to fill in the pores and to smooth your skin out whilst mattifying your skin to take away shine..which in turn leads to your makeup lasting longer.
The Primers that I've used and recommend are the following five:
Smashbox Photofinish Pore Minimiser £28 is my all rounder.
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Benefit The PORE professional £29 but also comes in handbag size £12 is great for filing large pores.
Rimmel Fix & Primer £5.20 which also has a 25SPF so can be wore alone if you don't wear foundation.
Lisa Franklin Pro Effect Luminescent Base £70 is super special, it's an award winning product that has upteen skin benefits and helps with a multitude of skin benefits. 
Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer Perfecting £32 ( travel size £17) this one has been around years and every MUA I know has it in their kits. 
Laura Mercier Primer

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Hi Donna. In some areas, I have Very dry skin eg: around my nose, and when I wear foundation it can look flaky! I know you say it’s best for oily skin but I didn’t know that and I tried Laura Gellers spackle which seemed to smooth that area beautifully! I can’t find it anywhere now and I don’t know what to use instead. In the past I’ve tried No7, smash box (which was not bad) amongst others. Can you recommend one for my issue ? Thank you x

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