Talking Faces - New Product Launch, SPF Recommendations & Face Mask Update


A while ago we had many requests for face mitts rather than the cloth that we currently stock - as always, we listened! We are so happy to launch the new Face Mitt Set today! 



Wearing face masks are at the forefront of everybody's mind at the moment with the plan for lifting restrictions being outlined to us all next week.
We couldn't believe the reaction to the IG post we put out last week after I spent some time sewing one from an old makeup mat that I had! 
So many of you loved the idea of a stylish but fun face mask and having taken the first step to get these to you, we have come across a hurdle, (if only it was as simple as you think!) So, please be patient, we are ON IT!
You WILL be looking Glam when we all get to venture outside.

It feels very odd to be suggesting the next product after talking about Face masks, but let's talk SPF Moisturisers. Thankfully we have had some glorious weather over the last few weeks and people have been asking me what my Favourite facial SPFs are. I did an IG post on this but it's worth going through this again with you...because we don't want any red raw faces!
Emma Hardie Amazing Face Prime & protect SPF30 .
This is great, because it's a moisturiser, it smells devine and you apply it before your makeup. Most foundations these days have SPF in, so you will get double bubble with this one!
We have found it for £36 rather than the RRP of £48 on the EH website.
Too Faced Hangover Good To Go SPF25 Moisturiser.
This is a new product I'm trying and again, it smells glorious and is super lightweight and dries quickly - brilliant if you are in a rush and need to get your face on. We have found it for £26 rather than the RRP of £27 in Boots.
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Daily Defence Moisturiser SPF35 
A really nice product and with a pretty high SPF which is great for fair skins. 
The cheapest place we have found this product is in the link below and costs £24.95 instead of the RRP of £36
BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Defense SPF30
This product has a really nice GLOW which makes your skin look super hydrated, its nice to mix this with foundation too.
We have found it for £29.75 rather than the RRP of £35 on the BM website
NOID Survival 20 or 30
Full of mineral ingredients and super lightweight, this product is more of a serum than a cream, again with a nice radiance, it also helps keep your skin shielded from everyday pollution.
We found it for £20 rather than the RRP of £24
6- Elizabeth Arder Eight Hour Cream Lip Protector SPF15 - LOVE this product, it comes in 4 shades, so you can actually look half glamorous when sunbathing! 
The cheapest place is from Elizabeth Arden itself at £20


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