This week, however manic, has been great as my business partner Sarah (instagram @sarah_donnamaylondonhq) & I managed to spend most of the week together plotting and planning for 2020.
Many of you won't know that Sarah lives on the island of Bryher in the Isles of Scilly and the journey to my house in West Sussex really does involve planes, trains and automobiles!! 


Tuesday was our big photoshoot day.  We try to have at least 3 photoshoots a year to ensure all our new stock can be displayed beautifully, and also so that we have lots of fab content for the website and social media. 
Our favourite lifestyle photographer Tia (instagram: @tiatalulah) worked her magic all morning and is always full of talent and expertise...she 'gets' our brand and is lovely to have around.  Our wonderful distribution manager Lara joined us for most of the day to keep an eye on proceedings and join in the fun (instagram @laraatdonnamayhq) plus the current star of the business Lin, Donna's beautiful mum, got involved with some real women shots.


Behind the scenes at Donna May London


After a long day, we took these 2 cheeky monkeys out for pizza...



Our photoshoot mainly centred around our new Bridal Collection which we are incredibly excited to be launching soon.  Not only are our makeup bags a great accessory for a bride, ensuring she has all her makeup and accessories together on the day, but a great gift for bridesmaids...fill each makeup bag with special goodies and personalise them to make them extra special.


Today we are extremely excited to announce the launch of a brand new, special edition makeup bag - the Vintage Mulberry.  This bag is incredibly elegant with gold fittings and has a subtle aged effect to the vegan leather to derive memories of your favourite old leather bag or chair. 
Be one of the first to get your hands on our favourite bag of 2020 by clicking HERE. They are a limited edition range and once they are gone, they are gone! 


Vintage Mulberry Bag


I have been cutting and colouring my mums hair this week, she is trying to slowly go fully grey so we are finely highlighting it, but letting the grey also come through. It is such a hard stage to be at and God only knows how I'm ever going to let my grey come through being as dark as I am...currently, I have to dye my roots every 3 weeks to keep the roots at bay which is such a pain, but I'm just not brave enough to let it go yet!




For at least the last 6 months I have been saying that I want to get my paints out ...well, this week I had  spare afternoon ( SPARE....I can't believe I said that!) and had a little dabble with some flowers. My aim is to be able to paint the perfect Rose! what do you think so far?

Donna Clitheroe Rose Painting



At work, I have been going through all my makeup and pulling away products that I just don't use any more. There is an amazing women's charity called Dress for Success that takes half used makeup products to give to unemployed women seeking work. So, I will be asking all the Makeup departments at ITV to dig deep and see what we can give them. So Far, Good Morning Britain and This Morning have kindly donated! 


This week, I was kindly sent a whole range of gorgeous Nude Palettes, lipsticks and makeup essentials by Huda Beauty - Gosh they really are beautiful, the packaging alone wins me over! take a look... 

Huda beauty Nude Makeup Palettes


We are delighted to announce that our best-selling Makeup Face Off Cloth is now back in stock.  We have had so many people calling for this to come back, that I think we may sell out again before Valentines day!
Our customers love that it's a reusable makeup cloth making it super eco friendly.
If you are wondering how to use it, literally just wet it and wipe! that's it. It can be thrown in the washing machine to clean it and dries in minutes! It even gets the toughest waterproof mascara off - I know you don't believe us, but you will just have to try one!  Get yours HERE.
Have a great week, and keep an eye out on all the teams instagram accounts for more fun, behind the scenes things happening this week.
Donna x

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Fabi Pennington
Fabi Pennington

Purchased the purple leatherette makeup bag & a gold initial fir my daughter as part of birthday present. She loves them & will now hold her makeup bits that include a gold set your makeup brushes. No doubt we’ll shop again. Lovely products & delivery is always prompt. Thank you

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