Why time away from home is so important to me.

For me, the only way to really unwind is if I’m out of the house. At home I am constantly reminded of things I should be doing, and being the OCD Virgo that I am, I can’t leave a squished cushion on the sofa let alone a pair of shoes at the bottom of the stairs!  So you can imagine that at home I NEVER sit down!

So time away from home is what I need to relax, chill out and come back refreshed. I am hugely aware that many people have lost holidays and couldn’t get abroad this year and after 4 cancellations, this was our last hope and luckily for us it paid off.

We stayed at a beautiful resort in Kos situated right on the beach (I know I have Brighton beach on my door step, but for some reason it’s just not the same!)
I constantly remind myself that the main reason I started Donna May London was, and is, to be able to afford to take a mammoth family trip each year.  I simply don’t see the point in putting so many hours into a business if my whole family can’t benefit from it in a life changing way.

When I married Dan I said that my life’s ambition, if we had a family, was to show our children the world...not fancy places (although Greece was pretty fancy this year) but to visit countries off the grid and to experience days that will shape their lives as adults and the choices they make.

As parents, we all have important things we want our children to learn and to become ingrained in them...mine is that they both grow into gentlemen who know that ‘family’ time and shared holiday experiences is what life is all about.  It’s what we all work hard for. I want them to know that this world has so much to offer them, and it’s not always going to be on their doorstep- and that’s ok.

I want them to be aware of other cultures and opportunities out there. I want them to make friends abroad and have chances to work and play in wonderfully remote places. I want them to not settle for the small environment they grow up in and to know that the choices they make will have consequences for the rest of their lives... so choose wisely.

I want them to love every corner of the Earth as I do... appreciate every landscape and every race.  I want them to LOVE life and what it has to offer us because it’s only as you get older that you wish you had many more years here.

Donna x




I’ve already Waffled on today to you via email but I just wanted to say my daughter is in Greece at the moment and she said it was beautiful and she is a travel agent working from home she works for Tui so you made a good choice

Jan Ellis
Jan Ellis

Hi Donna
Wise words. Your holiday in Greece looks amazing where did you stay ? Would like to see if I could take my family there? Keep safe, Jan

Laurie Coleman
Laurie Coleman

What a wonderfully beautiful outlook on life for a family
It’s quite refreshing to see someone building a business not just to amassed profits but to used it constructively to give children a chance to see the world and love the people in it
When you meet ordinary people in other countries you realise they are basically like us desiring love and happiness

Angela Egerton
Angela Egerton

What a lovely 10 minutes with you Donna, I so agree with you, showing children different cultures and holidays is so important, a real chance to re connect too. Our sons are 24 and 20, we had abroad holidays, Cornish caravan and all weather beach holidays to just a couple of nights away in a travel lodge in different cities, I can really see it has helped shape them as men, my eldest is in IT and before Covid flew to Washington DC on his own, he was so confident, he said all the trips helped. Keep holidaying and enjoying that fantastic family time 😊💖💋

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