Working towards less plastic in our lives...

As we head into our 4th week of lockdown, we are all experiencing a lot of high's and lows but I hope that everyone is taking good care of themselves and keeping safe.


I'm kind of looking forward to getting back to home schooling next week (did I actually say that!) not sure about you guys, but my boys seem to be happier when they have a routine to stick to and boy do I love planning a routine!!.  
The first week of Easter holidays, I didn't tell them school had finished, so we carried on getting all school work completed- cheeky i know, but I was worried the days would be filled with nothingness! I wonder how many of you did this too - I heard yesterday that Kate & Wills did exactly the same thing!
The second week was more lax and therefore lots more arguments and winding each other up which leads to more shouting ( from me!)...anyway, roll on Monday when I can go back to being Head Mistress and we will all be happier!!!
The one great thing that made me super happy this week was to see how well our Beauty Bars have sold...phew!, I'm so glad you like them.  It's always super stressful and frightening bringing a new product out, it takes months to get it from design to completion, with LOADS of obstacles and a million samples made before we were happy with them.  
We obviously didn't anticipate a worldwide pandemic causing major delays with everything so we can't quite believe we finally have them! They have been 6 months in the making, but I really think they're going to be worth it. Looking at our stock numbers last night, I'm going to have to order another batch to keep you all in supply!
There were many reasons we chose to offer you the Beauty Bars. Firstly we are all really aware at DML that the world is changing (for the better we hope), we are all becoming very aware of the planet we live in and the effects of plastic waste, especially in our oceans.  We all want less plastic, less 'things', we want convenience and practicality with quality over quantity.
We are all a lot more savvy to what we bring into our homes and what we use, not only on our skin but in every way and we believe you can do this without breaking the bank!
At DML our philosophy from that start has been to to bring YOU, our wonderful customers, beautiful products that don't cost the earth.
We don't agree with the huge mark ups implemented by big businesses on so many products out there.  These overinflated prices limit the numbers of people that are able to buy into that 'beautiful' world - more so now than ever with the financial duifficulties being placed onto so many of us due to Covid-19.
We are doing our absolute best to make sure we bring you beautiful products at affordable prices that we would pay ourselves.
Who doesn't like a good old fashioned soap to wash their faces with? Well for starter ME!  They dry my skin out like nothing else and after washing I feel like I have to pull the weirdest faces to 'crack' the dryness and then slap on loads of moisturiser to break the barrier which surely defeats the object!!!!  But, at the same time, you can't beat a bar of soap to wash your hands with, the lather, the aroma, the feeling of cleanliness etc.
So, we decided that we wanted to bring you a beauty bar for your face that really does benefit your skin and doesn't dry it out and we wanted to challenge ourselves by making sure we covered all skin types, skin conditions, and skin goals.
Our Beauty Bars are 100% pure and natural, cruelty and animal free as well as being free from chemicals, colour additives and perfume.
We wanted a great product and beautiful recycled packaging and that's what we now have! We are also aware that you may want to take your Beauty Bar with you when going away, so we have stocked some cute recycled plastic travel cases to use with your DML makeup bag of course! 

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