10 minutes with...Angela Griffin

You are very well known face on our television screens - what is your biggest achievement to date?
Biggest achievement is that I'm still working! Ha! After all these years I'm still doing the job I love the most.


Was life in the media easier before Instagram?
Not for me I don't think. I'm of the generation where newspapers would go through my bins, follow me and pap me. I actually have some control over Instagram.


Who is the most inspirational person you have ever worked with?
Denise Black who I worked with on Coronation Street when I was 16 taught me so much. I was a kid from a council estate who loved acting and she taught me professionalism and showed me the ropes. Very inspiring.


If you could invite 3 people to dinner who would it be and why?My husband Jason because he is the funniest and he makes every dinner party, Victoria Beckham and Denzil Washington.

What is the oldest item in your makeup bag? And you’re newest? Oldest is my Laura Mercier brow kit (deep blonde) and my newest is Tom Ford lipstick (Scarlett Rouge)


Which product within your makeup bag could you not live without? Lancome Definicils black mascara.


When you go out for the night - which items do you take with you?
Lipstick, lip balm and blush


We know you love to travel - Is there one place in the world you are saving for best??
The Maldives.


Who’s look/style do you really admire?
Love Beyonce, she isn't the Queen for nothing.


What is your favourite lip colour - brand and name?
How are you coping with Lockdown? What are the best and worst aspects for you?
So far so good. We are all healthy. I am loving spending quality time with my 15 and 12 year old, this will be the last time i'm guessing before they want to spend all their free time with their friends.
We are exercising every day, making and eating lovely food and watching a film all together on an evening.
The worst is I hate not working. Hate it!! I have always worried I'll never work again. But everyone is in the same position so......


We love you Ang and hope we get to see you again on our TV screens very soon.

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