10 minutes with...KATE THORNTON

I remember doing a Makeup test on Kate for Loose Women in 2009 and we immediately became friends...always a massive smile on her face, a welcoming demeanour, and full of amazing advice - what more do you want in a friend?

I’ve always looked up to Kate's ambition and determination, once she sets her mind to something she follows it through - a girl after my own heart...reliable, fun, and trust worthy...with her feet firmly planted!

Kate has always put her heart and soul into everything that has come her way, and always been at the end of the phone for me when I’ve needed her, wether that be professionally or personally....thanks for being my darling friend Kate you’re one in a million x x x x
You are a very well know name - what do you think is your biggest achievement to date?
Being a mum and raising a child I couldn't be more proud of. In the gran d scheme of life nothing else comes close.


Which is the most exciting job you have ever worked on?
Being a travel presenter on the BBC was, without question, my favourite job of all time. I toured the world, learnt so much, expanded my mind and my horizons and was never happier with my passport on one hand and a script in another. The very best of times.


If you could invite 3 people to dinner who would it be and why?
Three's impossible!  But last night I cooked dinner at home for me, my son, Denise Welch and her husband Lincoln Townley and it was as close to perfect a night in as you could hope for - so let's go with the same again!


What is the oldest item in your makeup bag? And you’re newest?
Oldest is probably my Mac eyeshadow pallets. Some of them are older than my son but they still hold their own and while they do they can stay! And the newest is my CC cream from It Cosmetics. I love it!


Which product within your makeup bag could you not live without?
Hourglass mascara because I have small eyes and even smaller lashes and this is like the underwired padded bra of mascaras!


Do you carry anything that is not makeup related within your makeup bag?
No. I'm too uptight and organised not to keep a place for everything and everything in its place!


Is there one persons house you would love to have a look around?
So many! Rightmove is my favourite website. But Jennifer Anniston's is up there for me. She has great taste in property.


Which goes first…concealer or foundation?
Foundation then concealer.


What is your favourite lip colour - brand and name?
Chanticille - Rose.


Kate currently has a fabulous jewellery collaboration range with BiBibijoux - check out the gorgeous pieces here
You can also find her chatting over everything we want to know with her celebrity friends on her podcast White Wine Question Time.

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Bought the 2 for 1 offer in the make up bag for presents I already have one myself . Love it . Make up is easily found ! Great for holidays. I also have the make up brushes they are fab to !

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