10 minutes with Jane Moore

Having worked with and become friends with the lovely Jane Moore over the last 9/10 years, I have always felt an affinity and immense fondness for her…she is the quintessential big sister - the one person that will always tell you the truth, would help you in the middle of the night if you were in trouble, if you want something done…she will just do it!
In true big sister fashion, she also lets me have first dibs on her clothing cast-offs which is a massive bonus as she is so incredibly stylish!

Jane is reliable, strong, independent, intelligent, disciplined and courageous - some people often see these traits in a woman as scary, but she is far from it - she has a wonderful dry sense of humour and is definitely the one person I would go to, and have many a time, when I need some smart advice.

Love you Jane xxx


You are a well known face on our television screens and have regular features/columns in print media - what is your biggest achievement to date and what keeps driving you forward.

I love my job but my biggest achievement is my daughters - I'm so proud of them. Re: my career, I have rarely had a dull moment, so that's quite an achievement. Waking up each day and loving what you do makes life so much easier.
You always look amazing and we love that you wear colour well - which is your go to shop for wardrobe staples?
Primarily Zara for fashion stuff, but I will also splash out on designer for classics such as a black dinner suit or 'little black dress' because I know I will wear them a lot and they will last the test of time.
You meet a lot of people through your work - both famous and not - which one person stands out as the one that has had the biggest influence on you?

It's hard to pick one because people resonate with you for different reasons. But Princess Diana is up there because she was so charismatic.

If you could go on a ‘social distanced’ walk and a gossip with one other person now, (not friend or family member) who would you choose and why?

The Queen. Just because it would be an amazing exclusive!

Do you miss travel? Where will be the first place that you book a trip to once we are free to fly again?

Costa Rica, hopefully. It was planned as a trip for me and my daughters but it has been cancelled twice already because of the pandemic.

Are you a spender or a saver? What was the last thing you spent over £50 on? Please share with us!
Definitely a saver. The last thing I bought for more than £50 was a large Jo Loves candle.
Jo Loves Candle
Many women flip careers once their children grow older - if you were to move on from being a journalist/broadcaster what would you choose to do now?

Retire! Or failing that, I'd like to mentor young people who are struggling.

Is music important to you? Which song evokes the most memories for you? The one that stops you in your tracks when you hear it?
It's so important. It's the soundtrack of life, isn't it? Choosing one track is impossible because it depends what your mood is at the time, but ones that always uplifts me is Great Gig in the Sky by Pink Floyd and You're My First, My Last, My Everything by Barry White.
Ok - let's talk fashion and Beauty... Who's personal style do you really admire?

Someone whose style is understated and classic like Melania Trump. She always looks amazing, though I'm not terribly keen on that husband she wears on her arm.

Do you follow a strict skincare regime? If yes, can you share with our readers?

Ha - no! I'm terrible. But I'm trying to be better, so I put on a 'night cream' now and try to use proper cleanser instead of a wet wipe! I have recently had a couple of sessions at the D. Thomas skin clinic on London's Walton Street and it has made a lot of difference. The owner Debbie has got rid of so many blemishes and she's tackling any underlying redness next.

What is the latest item you purchased for your makeup bag?

Revlon super lustrous lip gloss for nights out - when we're alowed!.

Is there one product you have used since your teens that you just can't let go?
Euthymol toothpaste! But if you mean a beauty product, then the one I have used for the longest time is probably Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream which I put on my lips a lot.
What is your favourite lip colour? Brand and shade?
I have spent decades looking for the right lip colour and I'm not sure I have found it yet! I tend to use a Mac Spice lip liner, then just fill in the rest with a Bare Minerals 'Gen Nude' lip colour in the shade Major.
What is your desert island product that you couldn't live without?

The aforementioned toothpaste. Or if not, I'd need that Eight Hour cream in the heat!

Finally, as we are now in lockdown again - although it does feel slightly different from the first time, is there one piece of advice you could give our readers that helps you when you are stressed and anxious?

Think about those who have it far worse than you and tell yourself how lucky you are by comparison.

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