10 minutes with Ruth Langsford


I am not sure there will be one person amongst our community who doesn't know this amazing woman.  Not only is Ruth a close friend personally of Donna but she is also such a huge supporter of the Donna May London brand. 

All products head Ruth's way for feedback & testing and we are always so incredibly grateful for her encouragement and belief in us.

Ruth, as we all know, is a presenter on This Morning, Channel 5 and an incredibly popular anchor on Loose Women - some may not know that her fashion brand on QVC is now 3 years old and going from strength to strength. Her fashion edit also has a huge and loyal audience. Please all check out all the information HERE. 

We love you Ruth.

Donna & Sarah xx



You are very well known face on our television screens - what is your biggest achievement to date?

Aside from producing our wonderful son Jack, I would say it's still being on television after starting my career backstage more than 30 years ago. It's been a long road but I have loved every second.


Was life in the media easier before Instagram?

Definitely....I used to believe everyone liked me!


Who is the most inspirational person you have ever worked with or interviewed?

My husband....he is the most brilliant live broadcaster and I've learnt so much over the years by working alongside him.

You are a great cook - If you could invite 3 people to cook dinner for who would it be and why?
Christopher Biggins because he is the best fun and has SO many stories! Our TV son Rylan because he's a fantastic cook and we owe him dinner and Phil Vickery because he says nobody invites chefs for dinner because they're too nervous to cook for them!
Let's talk Makeup - What is your most recent makeup purchase?
Lancome Hypnose waterproof mascara...I've used it for years and have never found a better one.
Which product within your makeup bag could you not live without?
That'll be the above! 
What is your favourite lip colour - brand and name?
MAC Spice lip liner and Bare Minerals "Rebel" lipgloss
How often do you wash your brushes - be honest!!
I'm not admitting this in front of Donna....let's just say she'd be ashamed of me!
What is your biggest makeup disaster?
Trying to put false eyelashes on...I've tried and tried and I just can't master it...I end up getting eyelash glue in my eyes which makes them water and then my make up runs and I have to pull the lashes off and start all over again...disaster.
Who’s look/style do you really admire?
Helen Mirren...she's classy and rebellious rolled into one...you never know which Helen you're going to get.
We love watching your stories with your Mum - what is the best piece of advice she ever gave you?
Stay out of the sun....wish I'd listened!
How have you coped with 2020 and Lockdown? What have been the best and worst aspects for you?
I'm just getting on with it like everyone else. Best aspect has been having time to fill two skips with clutter and rubbish from the house. Worse is not being able to bring my Mum over to the house...I particularly miss our Sunday afternoons together cooking and drinking sherry!
Who is the first person you will cuddle once you get set free?? (think we might know the answer to this so perhaps the second!!)
My Mum followed by my best friend Sam 
Finally,  You have always been such a wonderful sounding board for Donna and Donna May London. Donna loves to ask your opinion on products she is designing. Can you tell us your favorite DML product so far and what you love about our company? 
I love ALL Donna’s products and I’m so proud of her! I feel like I’ve been part of it all as she often gives me products to test drive and asks my opinion about things. It’s hard to choose just one product but if I had to it would have to be her drawstring makeup bag….such a genius idea and SO useful.
She showed me the first prototype which I thought was a shower cap! More fool me because look at the phenomenal success it’s been. I love her red lips logo because I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen Donna without her red lippy on!



I saw Ruth on Instagram with the vegan drawstring make-up bag and I went straight onto the DonnaMayLondon website and bought one and have followed Donna ever since… also my go to gift for friends! 💋

Pamela Neill
Pamela Neill

Having ordered numerous things from Donna May London for Christmas presents I was very impressed by each item. Everything was exactly as described & the feedback from the presents is fantastic! I’m blown away by Donna May & the quality of her range.

Sandra Revill
Sandra Revill

Whats your favourite perfume ruth?

Tracy Pound
Tracy Pound

I admire Ruth and knowing she endorses Donna May London is the reason I have bought from this wonderful company. Excellent products and the service is second to none. Look forward to what the New year brings. Happy Christmas xx

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