10 minutes with Nadia Sawalha

Nadia's name came into my life before she did. In the old days of Loose Women Kaye Adams used to tell me of this wonderful friend she had lived with and had shared so many brilliant moments with ....but who she had lost touch with. I can remember telling her to get back in touch with her...."she sounds like a too good'er mate to have lost touch with, just call her '' I'd say, and Kaye would shrug and think about it.

Then low and behold....a new presenter turned up to Loose Women and it was Mrs Nadia Sawahla...I'm sure to this day the universe had been listening to us!
Roll on, what 10 years..i've lost count but not only are Kaye and Nadia super close mates again, Nads and I have our own friendship.

When Nads walks into a room, its joyous and LOUD the minute she starts talking ( and can she talk!) ...she has a way of making me feel like I'm with my sister, I feel comfortable, relaxed and at home. I can give her a 'look' and she'll get it, we can speak at 100 mph and interweave with other conversations and know exactly what one another is trying to say! Believe me, if you walked into the makeup room at work and heard us all nattering and having 12 conversations at once about this, that and the other, you wouldn't know if you were coming or going!!!

We have laughed hysterically, many times, until we are crying and bent double 
(which is when I tend to burn her forehead with a heated tong!) and we have also cried many times when things are all too much. 

We both have a love of ChiChi, one of her beautiful dogs that we sometimes look after for her...( and try to never give back!) and our children know one another.  My eldest son Oscar, who has done some filming for Mark, has taken a real shine to both Nads and Mark, and often has their photo as his phone screen saver!  He says "Mum, how comes Nadia lets me eat and drink anything I want too?" ....yep, she's one of those friends, all the kids want to move in with her because she's so much bloody fun!!!  ( i'm not jealous in any way!!) ( wink)

I could go on, and on about how marvellous she is, but what I need to say is that Nadia has always been a great supporter of Donna May London, since literally day one.  She often texts me with ideas and introduces me to her contacts if she thinks it will help us.  She's 100% girl power all the way, happy to always help and get stuck in and never short of praise.

We really love and appreciate the bubble of fun and love that she brings to DML.

Thanks Nads, Love you x

You are such a well known face on our TV and also our social media - what is the message you are the most passionate about sharing with your audience?

That there is no such thing as perfection , one can strive for excellence ( personally I choose not to and am fine with good enough !!) but never perfection because it doesn’t exist .

I am also passionate about promoting body acceptance, we don’t all have to be stunningly beautiful!  I try to promote the message to Stop the stinking thinking! I only follow accounts that make me feel better about women and the wider world !

I often post pics of me looking "fucking shocking" as my Sister Dina puts it! And I'm always blown away by how many messages I get from women saying these pics help them feel a little better about themselves ! I love that !

You meet a lot of people through your work - both famous and not - which one person stands out as the one that has had the biggest influence on you?

It has to be Donna May !! Have you not seen her incredible make up bag ! Its even got me organised !


You are always very honest with your social media content and on Loose Women - we love this about you but has it ever got you into trouble?

    Every single day !!! Ha ha ha !!!

    We love to see your cooking programmes - can you share a fool safe recipe that will make even the worst cooks amongst us look brilliant at our next dinner party?

      My recipe for Pavlova always impresses everyone and the thing is that its incredibly easy! Biggest con on the planet!  Make sure you do everything I say though!

      Do you miss hugs and personal interaction and where will be the first place you book a trip to once we have more freedom to move around?Round to my mum and dads who live next door!!  I want to give them huge hugs and sloppy kisses!!!

      Are you a spender or a saver? What was the last thing you spent over £50 on??

      A very naughty trip to Ikea ...went in for a candle and came out with a load of shit for £80!!!

        Is music important to you? Which song evokes the most memories for you - the one that stops you in your tracks when you hear it!?

          My daughter Maddie's song Broken Hearts...It should be the next Bond Movie theme tune! Honestly its bloody brilliant!

          Listen to Maddie's music on Spotify Here


          Ok - lets talk fashion and Beauty...Who's personal style do you really admire?

            Donna May is pretty damn cool !! Have you ever met her?

            What is the latest item you purchased for your makeup bag?

              Iconic concealer -  it’s the dogs bollocks!


              Is there one product you have used since your teens that you just can't let go?

              Clinique Aromatics is the only perfume I’ve ever used! I bought my first bottle when I was 17! That and my eyelash curlers!

              What is your favourite lip colour? Brand and shade?

              Iconic lip oil… the red one!

              What is your desert island product that you couldn't live without?

                My absolute collagen supplement .. beauty comes from within…

                Finally, as we are now in lockdown again - although it does feel slightly different from the first time, is there one piece of advice you could give our readers that helps you when you are stressed and anxious?

                  Walk lots, put your ear-pods in and dance like no one is watching, I do this in the laundry room! Meditation, and pretend yoga (ie a bit of a stretch !!!) work wonders too!  Also if I feel really panicky I use rescue remedy!


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                  Nuala Doherty
                  Nuala Doherty

                  Hi, cab you tell me what make up you used on Nadia in the bottom left photo with DonnaMay. Its stunning. I am the same colouring.

                  Thank you

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