10 minutes with Liz Earle

You are a superstar name of Health & Wellness and a huge inspiration to so many women. With such a varied and successful career, can you pinpoint your biggest achievement or career highlight to date? Your ‘pinch me now’ moment.

Publishing every edition of my Liz Earle Wellbeing magazine or a new book is always a genuine highlight – bringing something to fruition from start to finish and seeing a printed product on a shelf or coffee table is always a genuine thrill. Hitting the No.1 slot for all books on Amazon on the day my Good Menopause Guide was published was a real ‘pinch me’ moment – I still have the screen shot!

You are an advocate of ‘beauty from within’ dating back to the early 90’s when your book/tv show ‘Eat yourself Beautiful’ launched. With this in mind, if you could name one single product that you truly believe can help keep a healthy gut what would this be?

My attitude to a healthy gut has always been about variety and inclusion. My diet is all about adding as much goodness in and being moderate without cutting out any major food groups. There are so many ways our diets can improve the diversity of our gut bacteria, from fibrous prebiotics to fermented probiotics, so it’s really hard to choose just one product. Having said that, I love my daily dose of kefir, which is fermented milk, that has all the benefits of organic dairy with the digestive boost of live bacteria. I’m also a big fan of kombucha, a fermented tea that makes a great alternative to sugary soft drinks - and even alcohol!


You obviously meet a lot of people through your work, famous and not, but which one particular person stands out as having had the biggest influence on you personally?

…Too many to pick one or even a few!


You are mum to 5 children - 2 of which now work with you - how on earth have you juggled such a busy family life with a successful career? Have you been homeschooling your youngest too??

…. These days some of my children are old enough to work alongside me. I love having my daughters join me when I’m on Instagram or talking about a lot of the issues that are close to our hearts, Lily talks a lot about hidden disabilities as she has a chronic auto-immune issue and Brella is a powerful advocate for helping student mental health. Fortunately home schooling ended as it added an extra layer of complexity to my home-work life that, like all parents, I could definitely have done without!


After stepping away from the Liz Earle Beauty Co, which at the time was one of the biggest British Beauty Brands of its time, you founded your charity ‘LiveTwice’ and are a recognised ecological campaigner - has this always been a passion of yours? Do you see it as a way of giving back?

It’s always been important for me to give back. Through my work and research, I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world and see so many communities who need a hand up. I wanted to help by setting up a ‘second chance’ charity to give these disadvantaged people the personal and professional support they need to get back on their feet. My priority has always been teaching others in need the skills to help themselves, and I always make sure we have a personal connection with the people we’re working with. I’ve tried to put the principles of ‘love thy neighbour’ to good use and use my platform to give back to people both domestically and abroad. We organise carols at Christmas in aid of LiveTwice, as it really is a lovely community initiative.



Through your social media channels, you are a great supporter of up and coming brands including our own Donna May London brand which we are so grateful for - Do you enjoy being able to interact directly with your customers and the freedom it gives you?

One of the best things to come out of lockdown for me has been my Instagram Lives that we broadcast two to three times a week. I absolutely love how many wonderful people it has introduced me too, all over the UK and abroad. I adore hearing about their lives, and how they interact with our resources and each other too. It really feels as though we’ve put a friendly face to the wellbeing brand, and we all feel so engaged knowing we have this direct communication every week. It’s also built up a great deal of trust and makes sure we’re only working with the best brands that we do truly love and would recommend to our own friends. 


Is music important to you? Which song evokes the most memories for you - the one that stops you in your tracks when you hear it!?

…I am a bit middle of the road really – there’s no one standout track, but I do love a bit of Abba…!


As someone who has travelled extensively, where will be the first place you book a trip to once we have more freedom to move around?

We recently spoke in the magazine about this! If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d be jetting off to The Seychelles. When things have been so very busy here at home, there’s nowhere I dream about more than the turquoise hue of these islands off the coast of East Africa.  As a naval daughter too, I find nothing as calming as a walk by the sea, so island getaways are as restorative as they come for me, especially when they’re along the ribbons of white sand and crystalline waters that this destination offers.  It doesn’t hurt that the Seychelles supposedly have some of the best spas in the world either!

Ok - lets talk fashion and beauty - who’s personal style do you really admire?

…I love the seemingly effortless understated glamour of so many French women, who can pull off a glossy bob hair cut, simple black cigarette pants and a crisp white cotton shirt, usually topped with a bright red lip colour. Not a look I can carry off, but oh so chic!


What was the latest item you purchased for your makeup bag?

I’ve really been loving the Studio10 plumping blush glow-plexion. When I need an easy wake-up make-up in this summer weather, this is what I reach for. This light, liquid blush has a gentle, pearlescent shimmer that lasts all through the day. It’s such a flattering peachy colour and it even plumps skin as you wear it. A real multitasker!



Is there one product that you have used since your teens that you simply can’t let go?

…Batiste dry shampoo

What is your favourite lip colour? Can you tell us the brand and shade?

…I’m using Dr Lipp natural lanolin at the moment as a natural lip glosser. I’m never without one of these handy little tubes in my bag or pocket.


What is your ‘desert island’ product that you simply couldn’t do without each day?

…I’m a mascara fan – if I only do one thing each days it’s to get my lashes on!


Finally, lockdown 3 has been tough! Is there one piece of advice you could give to our readers which helps you when you are stressed and anxious?

Lockdown has been so hard as it’s taken away a lot of our usual coping mechanisms, like going to see a friend, but you can still reach out! Giving someone a good old fashioned phone call or simply dropping them a text can make you feel much more secure and connected. I think what’s important is knowing that it’s ok and normal to feel like this sometimes too. I like to make sure I’m taking good care of myself, eating well and setting time out of the day for things I know will make me feel better, something simple such as a bit of on-line yoga or a warm magnesium flake bath. 


Liz Earle MBE

Founder, lizearlewellbeing.com

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