10 minutes with Coleen Nolan

Let's start with what I always start with when making Coleen up....Her whiskers!!! She does it on purpose, she saves up all those chin, neck and brow hairs just for me.... But let me tell you a secret ...I get more pleasure than she does whilst Plucking (I know she'll read this and say B***h under her breath ! 😁)

I've worked with Col for over 20 yrs now, and she's still horrid to me, mean, ungrateful and rude....just the way I like her!   Banter & sarcasm is the basis of our relationship with some big love always thrown in at the end!
People always ask me if Coleen is really like her Loose Women character and I tell them (it's all fake!!) not really!!...I tell everyone that she's exactly like that...funny, loving and down to earth.  ALWAYS the first of the Loose Women to dress up in the silliest outfit they can find, these photos show how game she is,  and I have a million more  (I'm saving them for some future bribery!).
She's got a few things going for her you know, me as a friend is one of them, Oh & I forgot to mention she can knock out a tune or two! 
Love Ya Col (don't tell Bob she'll be jealous!) 
D xxxxxs


Alongside your notoriety with the girl group The Nolans, You are a very well known face on our Television screens through Loose Women and more recently your amazing work with The Real Full Monty.   What is your greatest achievement professionally so far?

My greatest achievement so far would be The Real Full Monty, a show that meant a lot to me on a personal level! Personally it would be my children above everything else 


You are very open about your life’s ups and downs which is always refreshing - How did you cope with lockdown? Was it a positive or negative experience for you?

The Lockdown for me was actually amazing.. I never get enough time at home because of work so to have that quality time with my kids was fantastic! However, I’m done with it now and need to get back to paying my mortgage haha also the kids are driving me nuts 😜


You must have travelled the world with The Nolans, which is your favourite destination and where will go travel once we are freely allowed?

I love Florida and can’t wait to go back to see Mickey again haha...however I also love a relaxing holiday so the Maldives would be nice!


What is your most treasured possession?

My most treasured possessions are my animals 4 dogs, 6 cats and 3 goats 

Let's talk fashion and beauty…which are your ‘go-to’ brands?

My go to brands hah believe it or not .. I’m a F&F girl or M&S

Beauty is whatever Donna tells me to use... she’s a right bossy cow hahah


Who’s personal style do you really admire?

I like tailored clothes believe it or not - well, when I have to look smart!  Other than that it’s comfort! I don’t really have a style icon.


What is the latest item you purchased for your makeup bag?

The last thing I bought for my make up bag was a concealer for these bags under my eyes!


Is there one product that you have used since your teens that you simply cannot let go of?

Bronzer and lipstick are the two things I couldn’t live without since my teens!


What is your ‘desert island’ makeup product that you simply couldn’t do without each day?

Bronzer would be my desert island product as I’m so, so pale normally I look ill!! 🤧 


What is your favourite lipstick make and shade?

My favorite lipstick is Rimmel Asia

If Donna could teach you one beauty trick what would it be?

If Donna could teach me one thing it would be how to do eyeliner!


Finally, tell our readers something we don’t know about you….do you have a secret skill? Come on…spill! 

I’m so sorry .. I don’t have any secret skills, I know,  very boring!! ( maybe that’s my skill?) 

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