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Let’s get stuck straight in… what’s Donna's best and worst traits? 
Donna was always a good girl and never gave us any trouble as a teenager. She loved school and basketball which she played at County level and thoroughly enjoyed it.  She has always loved fashion and had a Saturday job in a clothes shop - as she got older she knew exactly what she wanted to do and what she wanted to achieve. Donna was, and still is, a very kind and generous person, we are very close and can talk about anything.  She always knows if there's something wrong and won't shut up till she finds out!  Visa versa. We can read each other's minds.
She did incredibly well when she went to The London College of Fashion , and always made sure her name was remembered when she got student jobs at ITV. She progressed to Loose Women, and that's where the story begins with her own business.  Donna is gorgeous and we are very, very proud of her.
Is there a piece of advice that you have been given over the years that has really stuck with you and if yes, can you pass this on for our readers?
Listen to your parents, they always have good advice, and it's up to you to take it or make your own mistakes.
Are you a spender or a saver? What was the last thing you spent over £50 on? Share with us!
I love buying clothes, the last thing I bought was a lovely sweatshirt from Marks & Spencers, and some It cosmetics foundation. 
Many women don’t have the privilege of having a MUA as a daughter- what's the best tip Donna has given you? 
How to apply my foundation well and my eyeshadow, plus doing my eyebrows - if I forget that's when I get told off!
Do you follow a strict skincare regime? Can you share with our readers?
Must admit I do love a face mask and I always cleanse my face.  I use Donna's facecloth which is exceptional. I had a facial last week and the therapist couldn't get over how clean my face looked (my blackheads were gone -which I have always suffered with) and I put it down to the facecloth and Donna's Clay Beauty Bar that I use daily.
Our Clay Beauty Bars will be back in stock soon - in the meantime explore our other Bars HERE
What is the latest item you purchased for your makeup bag?
The 'It' foundation mentioned above, the CC oil free matt, it gives good coverage and last all day.
Is there one product you have used since your teens that you just can't let go?
No as things have improved so much and I always ask Donna if I'm not sure
What is your favourite lip colour? Brand and shade?
I like a pale pink, peachy colours and maybe a red if I'm going out somewhere nice. A current favourite is the 
Does Donna nag you about anything makeup related? 
No not really, though she gets impatient if I repeat myself or go into to much detail about what I bought in Sainsbury's!!



lovely to read x I wish I could talk to my mum always had wise words to say .lovely to have that with your mum


lovely to read x I wish I could talk to my mum always had wise words to say .lovely to have that with your mum

Clare Gore
Clare Gore

Just loved reading this – the bond between you two is amazing. Also love watching your make up tutorial with your mom – keep them coming xxx


This is such a lovely heartwarming read. I really admire Donna, I love her instagram posts, she is so natural & very funny,gives great advice on all aspects of wellbeing & skincare, I love mostly the quick makeup looks as my life is very hectic !! I too have a great mum daughter relationship with my mum she is my best friend ❤️

Lynne Harvey
Lynne Harvey

Great to hear from Donna’s mum, and I will definitely be getting the soap when it’s back in stock I’ve got big pores in my nose hope that’ll help

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