10 minutes with our special friend...Kaye Adams

You are such a well known face on our TV screens and an obvious fave on Loose Women plus you host a popular radio show in Scotland- what is your greatest achievement so far regarding your career?
It is much easier for me to remember my low lights than my highlights…. getting humiliated on Total Wipeout, Getting knocked out Masterchef before the opening titles finished.  Announcing the wonderful Mary J Blige as Mary J Bilge and, in a heatwave, advising people to put their shits in the freezer! 
Highlights ….still probably interviewing Margaret Thatcher at 10 Downing St. when she was prime minister. She was only marginally less fierce than Donna who has told me that my ultimate highlight is doing Insta lives with her!


If you had only one month to live, what is the one thing you would do that you have never had a chance to? (Money no object)
If time was short , I would learn to do the Rumba. I have two left feet and the sex appeal of a koala bear so a month might be pushing it.


Tell us one thing that we don't know about you??
I cry very easily. I have never once got though Annie dry eyed. 


Who is your secret on screen crush?
My secret on screen crash is Jeff Goldblum. He was on Loose Women once but I wasn’t on the panel . Gutted


                                Photograph: John Russo/20th Century 


What is the one thing that you wish you had more courage to do?
Learn to do the Rumba


Who is the most inspirational person you have ever met - famous or not - and why did they leave such a mark on you?
I always say the non-famous people I have met are so much more inspirational than the famous. People who have experienced incredible adversity and overcome it and genuinely there are too many to remember. 
So, without dodging the question, the most inspirational ‘person’ I have ever met is the human spirit.


Which song evokes the most memories for you? The one that literally stops you in your tracks when you hear it? 
Okay, so it was a first boyfriend and it is Follow You Follow Me by Genesis. He loved them, I hated them, but that was the song that will always stick with me.



If you could invite 3 people over for dinner and a chat - dead or alive - who would it be and why?
It would have to be Michelle Obama. I watched her documentary recently and was blown away. To see how she inspires the people around her is life affirming .
Victoria Beckham intrigues me. I suspect there is a great sense of humour behind that poker face and then..
Oprah.  cos she is just ‘Oprah’!


Who's fashion style do you really admire?
Actually, and this is really creepy, but Donna.  Bitch is effortlessly stylish. I have trekked across China with her and done back to back long haul flights and still haven’t seen her look shit. very, very, deeply annoying! 


What is the last thing you spent over £50 on? Was it something nice? Share with us
Last thing I spent £50 on was an economics book for my daughter’s university economics course!!


If we are heading back into lockdown - have you got any tips to get through unscathed?
We have to be ready for another lockdown so I am writing a long list of things I want to catch up on but have never got round to …Books I want to read, films I want to see, podcasts I want to listen to.
We need to try to focus on what we have and not what we’ve lost though it is difficult.

We love you Kaye Adams - you are one of life's good guys.  For those that have been asking - They are BACK!  Watch out for this week's announcement about the revival of the Donna & Kay Show...Coming Soon!


Fiona McHugh
Fiona McHugh

So glad to read that your shows are returning. Kept me.sane and entertained during lock down.

Janice Hamilton
Janice Hamilton

Can’t wait to watch the Donna and Kaye show. Bringing lots of welcomed laughs.
Waiting for Donna to come up with the ultimate face lift 😂 💕🥰💕

Charmaine Rooney
Charmaine Rooney

I love Kaye &Donna together so funny … however I have spoken to Kaye a couple of times in Glasgow .. next time I meet her I’m taking her for a coffee or a drink 🤣 cos she is so funny but so down to earth … meet you in epicures 👍🏽🤣🤣🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Linda Cordery
Linda Cordery

Kaye is a lovely interesting and very funny lady. Enjoy watching her on Loose Women also watching her doing the makeup classes with Donna, I haven’t laughed so much. Lovely lady .

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