A Gorgeous new hut office for Sarah & the drama of its arrival!

If you follow Sarah (Partner & Commercial Director at Donna May London) on Instagram, (@sarah_dmlondon) you will know that she lives on the smallest inhabited island in The Isles of Scilly - running the business, alongside Donna, remotely from her island home.

As the business continues to grow and much of life is spent on Zoom and constant phone calls to both Donna and suppliers, Sarah needed to escape her dark in-house office and find a private space with good light, fresh air, no constant interruptions from visitors, cats and her husband!!  A perfect little haven to create beautiful new designs and negotiate the constant barrage of tasks required to bring you the best products and content possible.

Sarah wanted something that would fit into a spot in her garden, hidden away but near enough to the house to not be cut off - a shepherds hut seemed like the perfect solution.  A moveable structure that, should they ever decide to move back to the mainland, could come with them - a gorgeous piece of joinery that would last for years and years.

After much research, Sarah chose Blackdown Shepherds Huts who are leaders in their field and from the moment of contact were ultimately professional and she knew she was in safe hands. 

Sarah chose the Turnkey Hut from the range on offer and was able to spec the hut accordingly - choosing colours, fabrics, blinds, layout etc.  

More images of the interior will follow, when all her lovely decorative items arrive but it in short, the hut has an L shape seating area with large table which will be an office table, (there is also a pull down double bed for the times she works well into the morning and cannot make it back to the house!!!) a small kitchen area with sink, a 2 ring induction hob for kettle and lunch making, a fridge, a storage cupboard and a shower room with toilet.  Every single little detail is perfect and the craftsmanship is to be applauded.  It is a work of art!

The hut had to arrive on a landing craft onto one of the beautiful Bryher beaches (the first ever beach landing for Blackdown Shepherds Huts)  which had a few moments of panic, and then towed into position across the island by Graham the local farmer (Channel 5's City Life to Country Life fame).  It was an incredibly painstaking task on one of the hottest days of the year - there are no 'roads' as such on Bryher, just small tracks with lots of large 'potholes' which made the hut dip to the side a little too much for comfort at times! Plus with cm's to spare at times passing houses. It took 3 hours to get from the beach into the garden (approx half a mile) as progress was slow and careful. The team from Blackdown were amazing and kept their cool when everyone else was panicking!!

We thought we would share some of the pictures taken on the day, and once all the lovely interior furnishings arrive, we will share more of the gorgeous new Donna May London island office!




How fabulous and exciting!


This looks amazing, can’t believe it has all that inside! Would life to see the interior once you are settled in.

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