Is the above image all too familiar?  Hate those frustrating spillages in your makeup bag that make everything dirty?  Luckily at Donna May London, our drawstring makeup bags are fully machine washable, but why stop there…it is probably time for a full makeup bag detox!  Let us talk you through it…

1. Empty your makeup bag fully and pop it straight into the washing machine at 30-40 degrees and when finished hang to dry.

2. Whilst your bag is drying check your use-by dates.  The majority of products have an image on the back of the pot with a date on it.  This shows how long to keep the product once you have opened it.  It is normally pretty clear when you need to dispose of a product that has ‘gone off’ as it may smell and the consistency and colour may have changed.


3. Grab your DML Brush cleaner and give those grubby brushes a clean you ‘filthy animal.’

We all know we should wash our brushes more, I’m not going to bore you with the science of how much bacteria a makeup brush holds!


4.  With a wet cloth, wipe down your makeup products to go back into your bag and using your DML zip purse, put the smaller items like tweezers/cotton buds, sharpners into it to keep them separated. 

5. Your DML zip bags are also handy to use to keep aside as your Grab & Go makeup bag Or for your makeup that you use occasionally like Glitter and eyelashes etc.


6. Once your makeup bag is dry, enjoy every second of putting it all back together – NOW send us a before and after pic of yours so we can give you a DML gold star! x.

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