Don't you hate throwing away hair & makeup products that you have never used? (those gifts from people who totally got it wrong!) and also what about your big old hair appliances that died a death mid-use?  
Well, I'm here to tell you that the next time you lift that dustbin lid you can slam it straight back down and lose the guilt because I bet you didn't know that you can recycle your old and unused makeup and broken hair appliances. Here's how: 



The Maybelline recycling scheme has spots all across the UK and there's a store finder to find your nearest location Store Locator | Find Your Nearest Maybelline Stockist - Scotland (310 stores) -  Across England (2,931 stores) - Wales (89 stores) - London (378 stores) - None in Ireland 
Pretty much everything can be recycled, however, they don't accept glass bottles, makeup brushes, nail polish or aerosols.






Is a huge resource to find ways to recycle different products, not just hair and makeup supplies. There are spots scattered across the UK, some schemes you can send off in the post and others you need to drop off at your nearest store - here are just a few:




Beauty Banks is a charity in need of different supplies like shampoo etc. but they also accept makeup. There are different ways to donate either through the charity's drop point Beauty Banks | DropPoint or at their stationed drop-off points in Superdrug stores Donate | Beauty Banks across the UK




Cloud Nine accepts curling wands, straighteners, tongs and hair dryers of any brand in their recycling scheme. You just need to package them up, print off the free postage label and drop them off at your nearest post office.

 Recycle your electricals has a 'store locator' feature to find the nearest place to recycle if you enter your postcode and what type of electricals they will accept. Recycling personal grooming appliances - Recycle Your Electricals


Recycle Now also has a finder so you need to click hairdryers, then your location and the site shows you the nearest drop-off point  Local recycling | Recycle Now 

So we hope you will think again when you no longer need something beauty-related, there are so many places that will take it all off your hands and put it to good use.

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