Donna Finally Gets Her Hands On Kaye's Face!

This week I actually got to do something I’ve been desperate  to do for the past 3 months!  And that was to put some decent slap on Adams's Mush!  It was so nice seeing her in the flesh, no matter how wonderful technology is, there really is nothing like physically being with a friend is there?

Finally I could show her exactly what I’ve been trying to teach her through zoom over lock down...Not that she was listening! She was too busy rabbiting!! 

One thing Kaye did ask me was "What’s the difference between an eyeliner that goes inside your waterline and an eyeliner that goes above your top lashes on the skin (cat flick)"?  This is actually a really good question and got me thinking that I should point it out for you here too. 

An eyeliner that goes INSIDE your waterline is called a KHOL or KAJAL.  It has a softer nib and is made differently from an eyeliner.  The softness means that it won’t scratch the delicate area of your eye, it will glide on quickly - nobody wants to take their time doing this bit - and Khols/Kajals come out very black - perfect for a Smokey/Rock chick/sexy eye!
A few favourite examples at really reasonable prices are:
Maybelline Eyeliner
Max Factor Masterpiece Kohl Kajal Pencil

An eyeliner that creates a cat flick goes ON the skin ABOVE your top lashes meaning that it can either be in the form of a liquid liner (like a felt tip) or a pencil type liner.  This type of eyeliner is not as soft as a khol because the majority of people using this type of liner want to create a neat, smart line close to the lash line, which extends just beyond, for that sexy eyeliner look. 

If the pencil is as soft as a khol it will create a smokey look and will need blending, which is great if you’re want that look, but for a line that doesn’t budge, looks neat and enhances your natural lash line, then it should be a pencil that needs slightly more pressure then a khol would. 

Once again, a few reasonably priced favourites are:

Maybelline Tattoo Liner Liquid Ink Eyeliner
benefit Roller Liner Liquid Eyeliner Mini

I admit I can see how Kaye finds this confusing, but when you try both out you will see the difference in the texture and understand what I am talking about I promise! 
Donna x


Kathleen Davies
Kathleen Davies

Hi Donna, only just come across your tutorials I’m 73 but still like to look good especially hair and make-up can you tell me what was the stubby inner eye product you used when doing smokey eyes with Ruth Langford many thanks

elaine grahame
elaine grahame

Donna I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to you for teaching me ( at the age of 62) how to apply makeup correctly! You’ve given me a boost to my self-esteem and made me feel anyone can look good ( if they just know how!) You’ve also made me laugh SO much with Kaye throughout the lockdown & I look forward to your matter every Tuesday – better than any TV comedy! You’re a lovely lovely lady & you deserve every success in the world! E x

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