As lockdown restrictions ease across the country, shops and pub gardens re-open and we will all be venturing out a little more - yay!  So, let's make sure your brows are perfectly groomed and looking fine for your reintroduction to the world! 
Here, Donna gives a run down of her favourite eyebrow products to suit all budgets:
First and foremost is obviously our precision eyebrow kit which has everything you need to tame those brows...


Brow pencils are great for defining brows and filling in bald/sparse areas .










Don’t worry it’s not completely permanent, but it does last 3-4 days as it dyes the skin underneath the hair too- so gives great coverage, Brilliant for holiday time! 



For anyone needing a boost with hair thickness then these serums really work 
Elizabeth Arden Prevage £43.50







Perfect if your brows are super light and you need some guidance, or if your have suffered complete hair loss.  Use a powder to colour them in rather then a pencil or it will look to harsh.







The easiest of all brow products.  Brush straight onto the hair in your chosen colour.  It adds colour and depth to the hairs.











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Laticia Green
Laticia Green

Have just discovered Donna May London.. omg I love it . Have bought nearly everything in the range totally in love. Everyone will be receiving Donna May products for birthday, Christmas….

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