Is it the Moon or the Menopause?

I don’t even know where to start with this...anyone that knows me, knows that I’m bang on it...I couldn’t be more organised or efficient, I’m one of those annoying friends who remembers every birthday, am efficiently early at any occasion and always pretty well turned out.  For the past 2 weeks though I’ve felt quite out of word of a lie, over the last 2 weeks all of this has happened .......
1- I got the train 1 hr in the wrong direction (from where I get my usual train home from work, at the usual time) I’m sure somebody must have teleported me without knowing it, because to say I was surprised when I looked out of the window is an understatement... I was somewhere in the middle of Surrey! (I Got home 2 hrs late) and could have punched myself in the face!
2 - I got to work and bent down to take my trainers off (to replace with my heeled boots) and got the shock of my life when I realised I had 2 odd trainers on!  
This I could kind of live with, but one had a super thick platform sole...I didn't even realise I’d limped to work for the past 2 hrs!
3- I got to the Chinese Embassy this week to apply for my visa and had left my passport at home! The one item that is absolutely crucial for a visa application.
4- I was late for a job, because I literally watched 2 trains stop at and leave the station without me?
5- One day this week at work Matt asked me  “Are you feeling ok today Donna?” And I said “yes why?”  He said he had never seen me dress so casually that he thought I wasn’t feeling well!!!! (Its very unlike me to wear jeans, a Tee and trainers to work!)  - that really made me feel crap!
6 - I ruined 2 tops this week with foundation and eyelash glue, I called both my sons names that don’t belong to them and told my eldest son to ‘clean his teeth’ when I meant ‘wipe your feet’!!
I’m putting it down to the Full Hunters Moon we had last week, (my inner wolf loses the plot on full moons) and a build up of emotional admin Ive been handling over the last few weeks... although friends keep telling me it sounds like I may be peri-menopausal, which surely is the same for ‘going mad’!!
New Foundation for Gloria Hunniford:
Gloria asked me to have a look at some new foundations for her. Like many women, she’s been using the same one for years and gets overwhelmed at the choice on offer in department stores. I immediately knew which one I wanted to introduce her too. Giorgio Armani Illuminating Silk Foundation (5.5) is perfect for Gloria’s skin.
It has great coverage, not powdery, and has enough sheen to look healthy but not shiny.  For any woman 50plus they should use a foundation with some dewyness to it, stay away from any Matte products they can look very flat and ageing.
Top Tip:
Mature women who would like to use highlighters on their cheek bones - highlighters can accentuate lines and textured skin so don’t add it to any lined areas. If you want a natural looking highlight dab some face oil on.
Family Matters:
Thankfully, my eldest son Oscar has settled well into his new secondary school...its been such a big move for him, moving schools in year 8, but he has come home every day this week and told me how much he loves they sell waffles at Breakfast...Its the little things eh?!
And finally...I Am itching to try the new Pat McGrath products? Her lipstick cases have the best gold lip emblem...I want them all! 
Donna x

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