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As you can see we have 'Gone Pink' for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this is a cause currently very close to me heart as I have been supporting my close friend through her Breast Cancer treatment.
We were hoping not to have to get her a wig (from Trendco) because she chose to have the Cold Cap treatment whilst having her Chemo (which is meant to make the chances of losing your hair much slimmer) but unfortunately she’s lost about 70% of it.  So we had fun cutting and styling ‘Su Ellen’ (as we have named her!) and making her look as realistic as possible. My friend was so pleased with the result, she cried, bless her. It's given her the confidence to leave the house without people asking her if she’s ‘unwell’. It’s ok to have your pain and worry to carry, but to carry other peoples worry’s is another thing isn’t it? which is why she’s decided to not tell many people what she’s going through.  Throughout October we are donating 10% of all profits made from the sales of our Hot One Vegan Makeup Bag and our Bright Pink Washable Makeup Bag.



Sarah & I also decided this week that we are definitely off to Hong Kong/China in November...we were really conscious of the political protests in HK and going along with a Journalist (Kaye Adams) we were hesitant that we may attract trouble.
But, Luckily Kaye had the luxury of interviewing travel expert Simon Calder on her Radio Show last week, and he gave us the go ahead...so we are going!
We will be visiting CosmoProf the largest Beauty Wholesale Show in the world and also meeting with our current factories to discuss next years products. I'm so excited: 
  • Because I love a long-haul Flight...being made to sit down for 14 hrs is always a winner in my book, as I’m always on my feet.
  • Because I love the Chinese Culture and find the challenge of not being able to read any road signs/directions in English really good fun!! It’s like being in the Crystal Maze!!
  • Finally, Kaye and Sarah will be with me, so I know we will be laughing from dawn til dusk.



I bought some Navy blue corduroy flares from GAP this week, and my littlest son was gobsmacked! He said to me “mum you cant wear them they are all baggy around your feet”!!!!  I had to remind myself that its the first time he’s seen flares, unfortunately I’m old enough to say its the second time around for me!!!



This week I've also been on the hunt for some wigs and beards for this year's  Loose Women Halloween show...we always like to go WAY OUT for Halloween on Loose and have become pretty well known for our makeup and costumes on the show....I can't tell you what this years theme is, you will have to wait and see - but who can forget these beauties from 2 years ago!

A treat this week was being given a copy of Pearl Lowe's new Faded Glamour Interior book. Pearl was a guest on Loose Women talking about her love of Interiors...which I absolutely love too.

I have always said that if I hadn’t have become a MUA, I would definitely have been an Interior stylist and Pearl's Bohemian Style is so pretty and one that I try to drip feed into my own home.
Her book is available to buy now on Amazon HERE


I’ve been hooked on Sky Atlantics ‘Succession’ & ‘The Loudest Voice’ OMG - they are both bloody brilliant. Russell Crowe and Sienna Miller both have fat suits on and loads of facial Prosthetics on they are hardly recognisable....although I do have to say I cant take my eyes of Sienna's massive chin!


Finally, It’s been a trying week for my eldest son, my husband and I.
Oscar is about to change secondary schools due to bullying and the current lack of pastoral care. Bless his heart, he’s been so resilient and given his best for a full year, but he’s just not thriving like he should be.
As a family we have decided to upheave him and send him to a secondary school where all his primary school friends attend...he’s Looking forward to some camaraderie and some fun times flourishing and not just floating.
Till next time...
Donna x

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