Lost in China

Team DML are Back from China and HK where Sarah, Kaye and I had a real blast...it was a manic 8 days with an itenery full to the brim (did you know I love making a list- and I love ticking off my to-do list even more!) ✔️
After a day of getting over the jet lag in HK (and the fact that Kaye decided that Business Class was more important then friendship #KayeComesFirst !) we hit the ground running...Kaye and I were walking 100 MPH between each meeting, to try and get our 10,000 steps in and poor Sarah, whose first time it was in the Far East, didn’t know if she was coming or going!  But she was happy as long as she had her little Electric fan...to keep those ‘power surges’ at bay ....(y’know what we are talking about!) 
We spent a day at one of the biggest cosmetic wholesale shows in the world called Cosmoprof.  Floors and floors of beauty products & accessories..it was great to see what trends are around the corner and to see how far advanced the East are with technology and product design. 
Straight after the show, we travelled to China Via high speed train..if only travelling in the UK was as luxurious.... no that’s not me practicing my coffin pose...it’s me getting 40winks! 
We had some great meetings in China with our current factories perusing new colour samples and honing some details on our current products.
We were pretty proud with ourselves for remembering how to get around our there. For those that have never been to China, it’s like you’ve landed on Planet Mars! Hardly anyone speaks English (which is of course is how it should be) and most road signs are all in Chinese which makes it a real adventure. I think that’s why I love visiting there so much - there aren’t many places left in the world that don’t cater for the English language, so it’s really exciting and challenging to be able to survive a day out there!!! 
We spent our last day in China with Kittany, our gorgeous friend and translator, who helped us navigate the cosmetic halls and buy the place outright...seriously my baggage allowance was well over!
Then we headed back to HK for our final night,  which will stick in my brain forever. It’s not everyday you get caught in the middle of a tear gas explosion and hear bullets being fired at the end of the street!
With the HK protests going on, we heard about both sides of the argument and felt really sorry for everyone involved, it’s a really complicated situation and we understand why the protestors aren’t giving in, but you could really see how tired the older HK generation seemed to be, because it has really affected everyday life and people’s daily working life. 

Regardless to all that was going on- HK and China have both become 2 of my favourite countries and I can’t wait to go back again next year. 

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