World's Apart

This week Team Donna May Makeup are off on a big adventure! 

Sarah & I along with our trusty PA (guardian) Kaye, are off to visit China! We have plans to visit the big beauty trade fair in HK plus a few days visiting our wonderful suppliers in Guangzhou.  We will be documenting our journey over on our Instagram accounts so please follow along!

Apart from the obvious adventure, it is going to be lovely to spend some quality time together.  Most of our daily conversations just involve work, endless to do lists,  late night text panics with urgent jobs for the the next day - we often don't get time to properly connect.

Sarah & I  live very different lives which we both find hilarious at times and have a new game of sending each other simultaneous pictures of where we are right now.

These are a few of this weeks....keeps us laughing!!


Take a pic of where you are right now!

Take a selfie right now...

What can you see out of the window right now?

Working so closely but so far apart can sometimes be difficult but we make it work.  I am the 'face' of the business and Sarah is the core...keeping things working and keeping me sane.  Obviously there are challenges and we often wish we lived on the same streets...but our WhatsApp, Face Time and emails are in constant use - always bouncing ideas off each other and giving each other jobs to do.

Whilst we are away in China, Lara our distribution manager and Michelle our social media guru will be keeping things ticking over nicely for us.

We cannot wait to share all the new products we are working on to expand our already successful range.  2020 is going to be an exciting year for Donna May London...our passion drive and expertise is at the heart of everything we do and hope that this shows in our collections.


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