First things first, we are in the midst of a FREEPOST weekend so make sure you make the most of the offer before midnight tonight! (Sunday 9th Feb). Available across our whole range and there is no code required - the postage amount is discounted automatically at checkout.  We like to make it easy for you!!



now available at Boots! 
I was sent some gorgeous nude eyeshadow palettes by Huda Beauty a few weeks ago (I think I mentioned them in a previous post). Any products that I’m sent, I prefer to try them for a few weeks before I talk about them. I also try to use them on all different skin types to see if they are good enough to be used on everyone.
These 3 beauty’s are...Nude Light, Nude Medium and Nude Rich and they are beautiful! They all include a really pretty sparkly shadow too - which is great to use on the centre of the eyelid or the inner corners to make your eyes pop!
Boots are now selling Huda and these come in at £22.95, but I know that Boots have a 15% off offer on them so jump over there quickly!



I often get asked which heated appliances I use. A real mixture is the real answer but at work, I use a lot of Cloud Nine  they do a brilliant heated roller set called ‘The O’ - it looks super hi-tech, but is so easy to use and always gives great volume and root boost.
I also use their straighteners and lightweight hairdryer...which I love as its much quieter then a normal dryer so I can talk and listen to whoever’s hair I’m doing! Check out there website at .....


I was going to talk about the makeup and hair looks at this years BAFTA's, but to be honest I was really disappointed. There didn’t seem to be one makeup that stood out, all very understated with hints of ‘pink’ - apparently new for 2020, though be careful, pink eyeshadow can tend to make your eyes look sore! 
I’d rather talk about Jo-Lo's Wowza look at the SuperBowl...OMG that women gets better every year! Obviously her team Chris Appleton (@chrisappleton1) and Scott Barnes (@scottbarnescosmetics) have the best makeup job and prettiest face to work on, I cant imagine it’s hard to make Jo look anything but stunning! 



DANIEL GALVIN- apprenticeships for 16 year olds.
I think it’s brilliant that Daniel Galvin is offering 3 year apprenticeships to 16year olds. Hairdressing is a brilliant career, you can climb the ladder really quickly, its a massive field to work in so you can move around a lot and never get bored...From catwalk shows to salons to Elderly care homes, everyone needs their hair cutting so you will never be out of work. 
It's a career you can also travel the world with, all you need is your scissors and comb, I advise all my work experience students to get their hairdressing qualifications, it is an excellent base for becoming a makeup artist and you will be sought after if you can offer hair as well as Makeup. 


Urgghhhh! Its that time! We are coming into our 3rd year at DML and are growing at a great pace, which means we need to start integrating out accounts system...I spent the day with a dear friend whose condensing the million and one excel sheets I have to hopefully make life easier!! (My eyes glassed over within an hour!!!)
No one talks about the operations of running a start up business, there are so many unseen parts that have to be ticking over smoothly for the whole thing to work well...its exhausting!
Our hope is that as the business grows we can afford to employ people who can do these jobs for us...rather than Sarah and I doing everything! ( as well as working in our real jobs and being mums!) I’m manifesting this right now!


I am being asked more and more to do makeup lessons with women over 50, i just LOVE doing these. Jen really enjoyed being introduced to some new products, it's so easy to keep using the same old products isn’t it?
I have got friends who have been using the same brand and colour of foundation for 20yrs!!! (Big tip coming your way!!!...your skin changes, which means so should your make up!) but, I appreciate it's a minefield going makeup shopping if you don’t know what you, I hope she’s now got her list of goodies and knows exactly where to go and what to treat herself to!



Am I the only person in the world who loves a day out at Ikea? Well, I know my mum does and I know Gemma (Mothershoppers) does....every else’s seems to dread the Ikea trip!
I like to get there early and have a cuppa and a cake, then mooch.
We will then have some lunch, then go back and buy!!!!  I’m trying to find some wardrobes for my youngest son, Willy's bedroom...I came away with no wardrobes, 600 candles, a fake plant, another throw and...



We have had a real surge of orders this week for our Signature Black Makeup Bag,  It is still our No.1 best selling product and is proving very popular with both Travel Bloggers and Gap Year Students.
We have had messages from around the world letting us know how they can fit so many products and toiletries into it and then easily squish it into their back pack for their next adventure.  We would love to see your pictures of where our bags have been so don't forget to tag us in!
lay flat makeup bag
Donna x 

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