This week I was back with the Bibi BiJoux London team and the gorgeous Kate Thornton.

We were covering Spring/Summer so Mothershoppers brought along some summer fashion pieces for Kate to wear , which made a change from Big Winter Jumpers - i'm so over this weather. 

Not only are they a fabulous team to work with,  They have such a fabulous range coming soon, with gorgeous delicate and cool pieces - I've already put my order in!

You probably saw the photos on Instagram, but my husband and I went out for Valentine's with Andrea McClean and her husband Nick to The Titanic Experience which was an immersive event at Phileas Fogg's World of Adventure ( Based in Brighton - you MUST go it's amazing). This was all set on Board the Titanic, with actors and dancers, food and drinks, it was fun dressing up ( I love this era) and spend an evening with the love birds who Dan and I introduced six years ago!
While its been miserable season, we have been trying to get on top of things here at DML and become super slick in our set up! Sarah has been lovingly creating form after form and playing with our 'back end' (Thanks God she's such a nerd!)
Lara has been stock counting and organising our products. Michelle has been analyzing data and our Social feeds and and little old me, has been busy traipsing around London from meeting to meeting setting up new plans and projects for 2020! What would I do without my tribe? 
Having met up with Grace Foder this week, who is the founder of a mature Makeup brand called STUDIO 10 - we couldn't stop chatting and planning some projects together. The mature makeup tutorials I have been doing recently have been really popular, so I'll be bringing a lot more of those to you and I am looking forward to  show you how to use Studio 10 Products.
I think we can all agree that the weather has been absolutely grim lately...the only good thing that comes from it is that I go to bed super early to read (I'm always in bed before 9pm anyway!)
I've always been a book worm and read most topics (other then sci-fi!). I love romance, a chick flick, a biography, a true survival story and most definitely a business book!
I've just finished the 4th book of what I think are the best novels I've ever read which Kaye Adams recommended...the Neopolitian Novels by Elena Ferrente - a story of a lifelong friendship.  Seriously, I have never read anything that has compelled me to find out what happens to the characters as much as these books have - Thank Gawd there are 4 books in the series, as I never wanted them to end.
The other two books Im reading this week are Make it Happen by Maria Hatzistefanis ( founder of Rodial).  Her first book ' Overnight Success'  was great, Maria seems super down to earth and she has worked solid for 20 yrs to get her business where it is. She doesn't hold back in telling you the truth about the struggles (and joys) of having your own business. 
Finally, I am also reading ( I like to have a few on the go!) 'Little Black Book' by Otegha Uwagba which is full of advice for every business situation you may find yourself in, kind of like your Go-To handbook for building a business, I can't wait to get stuck in.



Linda Cordery
Linda Cordery

I love reading your blogs and all the things you’ve been up to. Watching the makeup tutorials are really good, when I’m doing my makeup I try to remember what I’m supposed to do. Thankyou DonnaMay xx


I’m reading Pulling Myself Together by Denise Welch. It’s a great read. Very truthful and shows what a tough time she’s had x

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