Makeup Tips for Christmas & Andrew Ridgeley

We really hope that the 12 days of Christmas makeup tips are coming in useful for you all...there are so many ways to apply makeup but anything that makes life easier is always a bonus in our eyes...hence that's why we designed our super quick, easy and time saving drawstring makeup bag! wink wink! If you have missed any tips so far, just head over to our Instagram page to catch up.
Product of the week : This week, our product of the week has to go to Multi-use Balms. These are great for Highlighting older skins instead of using powder highlighters that can end up sitting in the lines/wrinkles. Use a cream stick or a face oil and apply it to your upper cheek bones for that 'Glow'.
We love the Chanel Translucent version 

CHANEL Baume Essentiel Multi-use Glow Stick Sculpting 8g - Highlighter - Makeup

and also the Nip & Fab version which comes in different shades 

NIP+FAB Make Up Highlight Fix Stix 14g (Various Shades) - Solar

Oh My.... This week I made up Andrew Ridgeley from Wham...So charming.
I was slightly in awe as I've always loved Wham and George Micheal...infact my first ever album cassette was Wham's album 'Make it Big' which my Grandad bought me for Christmas when I was just 12! and of course my all time favourite song ever is Last Christmas! 



I spent Tuesday with my pal who has Breast Cancer - I went to her Chemo Treatment with her. She's doing brilliantly and is over half way through with her treatment..but I do keep nagging her about her makeup!
She calls me 'Pitbull' as I never let up!   I got her a whole new makeup bag full of products just before her chemo started as I knew she would start to look peaky, plus she didn't want people asking her if she's 'not feeling well' we went on a shopping spree and bought products that would see her through her treatment...she just keeps forgetting to use them!!


Anyway, I taught her how to apply her eyebrows (again!) and that cream blush is her new best friend! I think it may have sunk in!!!


We have had the busiest few weeks ever this December - Each day that I haven't been working on Loose Women, I've been helping Lara sorting out the stock for all the Christmas orders.  
We truly appreciate that you have been buying our products for all of your Christmas gifts and can't wait to hear the feedback.
People are really loving the Beautiful Bundle Offers we have created - Imagine opening a beautiful  box full of makeup dream!!!


You may have seen that our Bags were on Loose Women this week!

The Presenter's were asked to bring in their makeup bags so that a hygiene specialist could check the cleanliness of each one!


Nadia Sawahla and Carol McGiffin both turned up with the Donna May makeup bag, albeit different colours and sizes, (Carol's was especially made for her!).....Guess who was the Filthiest Loose Women??????
Yep! Nadia Sawahla...if only you could see that way she's treated our beautiful Black Vegan Makeup Bag and she calls herself my friend!!!!!!!!


The week ahead is probably similar to all of yours...Christmas meals, Children's Christmas shows, some last minute shopping ( im 99% done!) and trying to fit, work, life and mulled wine into the quiet moments!!!

Have a fab week and catch you next week x



Is it here I register to receive your weekly blog,
This is an incidentally finding, that I would love to be involved with,
As being s woman of a certain age, think Donna may is fabulous,🙋🏻‍♀️X


You are an inspiration, also a very good and kind friend. I really enjoy reading your articles xx

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