Weekly Catch up - December 8th

There’s no denying its December and things have ramped up! It’s been a manic week for me with the only thing getting me through it is knowing I'm having my first weekend at home in 5 weeks! My husband Dan is a happy man as he’s been well and truly holding the fort! 

Monday was the usual busy day At Loose Women...then the little one and I had to do some Asian Cooking for his homework....he made Prawn Chow mien. Isn’t it mad..when they have some input into making the dinner..they eat every last Morsel!

On Tuesday I popped up to Ruth Langsford's house to make her up for Eamonn's surprise 60th drinks party ...It was hilarious, I had to hide around the corner in the car until he had left for work...and typically, Eamonn was taking forever to get out of the house! Luckily it all worked out, he was super surprised, and so was Ruth that she had pulled it off!

We hosted another Pop up evening this week for Gloria Hunniford and her Daughter in Law, who invited friends for Christmas drinks and a Christmas shop.  What a gorgeous evening, full of make overs, makeup bags and mince pies!!

We have also confirmed this week, some amazingly exciting collaborations coming in the New Year with Astrid Vos and Jacqueline Bisset , two of my favourite Beauty illustrators...I cannot tell you how thrilled we are...watch this space you are going to LOVE what we have in store for you.

Then on Friday, we had a glorious Team Christmas Meal at the most gorgeous restaurant called Bala Baya a Tel Aviv inspired restaurant with sharing food to die for....and cocktails...oh the cocktails!

It was the first time I’ve actually felt Christmassy.. It helped that we all received a pretty table gift form Sarah, which was a personalised Bauble from Studio Seed....we are never too old to get excited about opening gifts!!! 

The Product of the week for this week has to be Bobbi Browns cream sparkly eye shadow stick in Rose Quartz ....a gift I’d bought for Sarah and then loved it so much on her that I asked to use!!!

You have got to invest in this...its a winner for Christmas.

And finally, as I write this on Saturday, the day I have been looking forward to all week...a day indoors, to put up the Christmas Trees and to relax on my sofa....I’m currently sitting here, with the Fairy lights glistening, a glass of mulled wine and the smell of a cinnamon candle burning......I’m a happy girl!

Oh and Dans happily sneaked to pub to watch the final scores! 

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